With the festival of colours around the corner and the onset of a new season, it’s time for you to finally cut yourself some slack and give into those tempting, sweet filled, syrupy delicacies. From blossoming spring breeze to refreshing thandai, bathe yourself in the never ending enthusiasm of this occasion while satisfy your sweet tooth with the heavenly flavours of those rich, palatable desserts that are fit for a king.

So what’s better than starting your day with a sugar boost from that stuffed, tantalizing mix of dry fruits, nuts, khoya and sugar. Though a classic Khoya Gujiya is a must for this festive season, we have a number of flavourful variations that you add to your already existing long list of delicacies for some enticing colourful twists

Walnut brownie Gujiya

Love indulging in those warm, chocolate filled fudgy brownies? Now you can get the best of both worlds with these walnut brownie gujiyas, which not only give you the satisfaction of those old aged classic dumplings, but are also filled with the goodness of walnuts with enticing ,irresistible chocolate sauce and nutty flavours. This recipe is a dream come true for all the chocolate lovers out there.

 Mix fruit Gujiya

Concerned about our waistline? Give a healthy twist to these soul enriching gujiyas , by substituting those syrupy filings with a more conscious and natural mix; a colourful and healthy mixture of fresh seasonal fruits. Apart from providing nutrition, fruits will also impart natural sweetness to your dish, thus helping you cut on those extra calories that you would have otherwise stocked on.

Paan gulkand Gujiya

Still waiting for that quintessential concluding paan after your meal? Opt for that refreshing paan flavoured stuffed gujiya, which won’t just stimulate your senses with its invigorating taste, but will enhance your mood with its reviving fragrance. You won’t be able to settle with just one