Summer is here and with it your skin takes a beating. To beat the heat, follow some rules.  Summer time calls for more cleansing. Just washing the face with water 4-5 times a day will do. Start with hot water and finish off with cold water. This will help keep the pores clean. Since facing the sun cannot be avoided we need to take measures to keep the skin healthy.

Dermatologist also reiterates the importance of caring for the skin and keeping at bay the harmful consequences that occur at a later stage. Most women think they will not be affected by a few hours in the sun. Sunscreen acts as a protective film on the skin. It also protects the collagen and elastic fibres of the skin and delays the appearance of wrinkles. Age catches up sooner with those who overlook skin care. Use sunscreen with a moisturizer as the base for dry skin. A non-greasy medicated sunscreen with zinc oxide is most suited for the climate here. People with oily skin should avoid sunscreen with moisturizers in them.

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Turning a blind eye rather than immediate attention can hasten the ageing process. So drink plenty of water. It is the biggest favour you can do to your skin. Switch to a fruit-based diet for this season.

Another effective method is to wash the face and feet with water as soon as one gets home.It is best to treat the skin using natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables during summer. To increase blood circulation and remain fresh all day long soak a few wads of cotton in a bowl containing rose water mixed with water. Wipe the face with it for a refreshing feeling.

Take care of your skin

Skin tends to become dry in the summer and it requires more care at night. Massage using a moisturizer before bedtime and wipe it off using a wet cloth after half an hour. This will help retain enough moisture. A remedy for dry skin is a grated mixture of potato, carrot, cucumber and fruit or cocoa butter mixed with orange juice left on the face for half an hour and rinsed off with cold water. Rubbing the face lightly with green gram powder and the cream of milk acts as a natural cleanser. Almonds soaked overnight in milk, peeled and grated to a paste in the morning and mixed with cream of milk and rose water can be preserved in the refrigerator to be used once a week for 20 minutes. A few drops of eau-de-cologne added to your bathing water will restrict sweating. A once-a-week hair oil massage, shampoo and conditioning routine will prevent hair damage and dryness. Chapstick or petroleum jelly comes in handy to ease for summer dryness.

Eat plenty of fruits

Excessive heat can also lead to spice intolerance in some who have a history of stomach disorders. It is hence prudent to watch our diet and most important, what we eat outside. it is best to go in for plenty of fresh fruits and juices as the heat can be dehydrating. However care should be taken not to consume this outside, as the hygiene aspect of these is is best to avoid eating out during summer as the water used too can be contaminated besides the increased presence of flies during these months.

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Consume fluids

Don’t eat exposed and cold food outside as the bacteria collects and multiplies. To a certain extent, heating destroys the bacteria. Since the heat leads to excessive perspiration, so consumption of plenty of fluids “preferably a lot of water to prevent dehydration.” Juicy fruits and veggies like watermelon, cucumbers are highly recommended. Tender coconut and butter milk are very good during summer and prevent dehydration. As most of the stomach ailments occur due to contaminated water, she suggests drinking boiled and cooled water. Colas and caffeine based drinks are a strict no as “they further dehydrate.”

Excessive perspiration leads to loss of salt in the body. The best way to put this back is consuming more fluids with salt. Buttermilk is a very good source of salt as it has the essential sodium, potassium and water that are invariably lost in perspiration.”

While recommending a light diet that is low in oil and spices, wearing cool cottons is also advisable as these allow the body to cool down and the cotton too absorbs the sweat. Synthetics retain the heat as the fabric does not breathe

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