Go Crazy With These Amazing Weight-Loss-Friendly Indian lunch ideas

If you’re attempting to lose weight, the most crucial thing you can do is eat thoughtfully. As a result, picking the correct foods should be your goal. But, before you start racking your brains for weight-loss foods like celery and expensive berries in India, know that there is a myriad of Indian lunches that you can enjoy to shed pounds.

So, here are some of the greatest lunches for weight loss that are fully desi, can help you lose weight, and can enhance your nutrient quotient at a fraction of the cost:

Khichdi With Bajra Vegetables

Bajra adds variety to your grain palette, and this is an easy one-pot meal to incorporate. The only alteration we would make is to add a handful of leafy greens, such as spinach, to this dish. Aside from that, this lunch is excellent. Because it doesn’t need to be soaked as long as brown rice, make this recipe ahead of time. It also allows you to use up a lot of vegetables from your refrigerator. This dish reheats well for lunch the next day, making it ideal for batch cooking.

Curry With Moong Sprouts And Coconut

This dish is truly a one-pot supper that provides all of the needed elements. Feel free to serve this with cooked quinoa or brown rice, depending on your caloric needs. You’d think that the coconut curry would make this meal hefty, but it’s actually fairly light. With the addition of coconut milk, this dish becomes delightfully creamy and pleasant while being light on the stomach. The proteins in sprouts will keep you full for a long time.

Sarson Da Saag

This is a fantastic way to incorporate some leafy greens into your diet! This recipe is extremely popular, and it is also a Punjabi staple. Make sure the mustard greens don’t turn black by overcooking them. Rather, vivid to dark green is the colour you’re after. This goes great with a cornflour chapatti. Avoid adding any ‘makhani,’ ‘butter,’ ‘ghee,’ or oil to this dish. It’s best eaten shortly after it’s been prepared. Allowing this meal to stay on the counter for an extended period of time or storing it for numerous days is not recommended.

Rajma Pulao

This recipe has all of the nutrients and flavour of rajma chawal, but without all of the work. Pulses or lentils should become a regular part of your diet, and what tastes better than kidney beans? Pulses promote the growth of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) in the gut, which aids glucose metabolism. As a result, this recipe is ideal for diabetics. However, make sure you use whole grain rice!

Ghia Chana Dal

Made with the goodness of Bengal gramme dal and bottle gourd, this delectable dal recipe is sure to please. Lentils are considered to be one of the best sources of plant-based proteins. Lauki, on the other hand, is fantastic weight-loss-friendly food. A 100 grammes serving of bottle gourd contain only 15 calories and a scant 1 gramme of fat. It also has a reduced saturated fat and cholesterol content.

There are numerous fad diet trends that may appear to be an easy and quick way to a toned stomach, but there is no such thing as a quick fix for healthy weight loss. You must start slowly, make informed decisions, and stick to your diet. Cutting carbs and increasing protein intake is one of the most tried and true weight-loss tactics.


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