Gorgeous South Indian Sarees

Indian sarees are not only famous in India but the whole world over. However, South Indian sarees are unique and versatile. They are made with vibrant, colourful, and alluring patterns, which make the South Indian designer sarees very unique. South India has five states namely: Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Their rich history and interesting tradition of weaving and handlooms have made their sarees recognized and loved globally.

Even as the fashion industry changes and innovations become constant, the South Indian sarees has managed to retain its charm, qualities, and uniqueness. Their distinct designs and patterns, use of great raw material, and amazing craftsmanship have put the South Indian sarees in a class of their own. Every region in South India boasts of having its own unique sarees, patterns, and weaves.

Here are some of the famous South Indian sarees.

Kanjeevaram silk sarees

Kanjeevaram sarees are famous for its bridal sarees in South India. They come from Kanchipuram city in Tamil Nadu. These beautiful sarees have a history that dates back 400 years ago. Kanjeevaram sarees are made from the mulberry silk thread and it’s characteristically known for its colourful designs and wide contrast borders. These ornate, heavy, and brightly coloured silk sarees can be seen in the wardrobes of many Indian women today.

The designs are different and the pallu colours, body, and borders are always in contrast and are woven separately then joined together using a sewing technique. The motifs and designs found on the borders of the sarees are inspired by Ramayana, nature, and South India’s old temples.

 Paithani Silk Sarees

These gorgeous Paithani silk sarees can be mostly found in shades of peacock blue, dark green, purple, magenta, etc. with golden borders that have beautiful designs of birds, animals, or even art. They are made from fine silk produced in Aurangabad. The intricate woven designs in these sarees make them unique to be worn as ethnic wear. These exquisite sarees can be worn with a jewellery set and pearl chokers to complete the ethnic look.

Kalamkari silk sarees

Kalamkari sarees are loved and admired for their artistic creations and their manually designed crafts. They are produced in many parts of South India and they are made using the Machilipatnam style and Srikalahasti style or kalamkari art in India. They are inspired by Hindu mythology and designs of ancient caves and sculptures as a common feature. These saree designs are mostly of hand paints and arts and most recently the print kalamkai sarees have become popular. They are highly attractive sarees that have an ethnic appeal which is loved by both women and young girls.

 Gota silk sarees

Gota sarees are very fascinating and stunning with their broad intricate lace borders. These gorgeous sarees are loved by fashion designers and used in fashion runways. Contemporary women love to wear these sarees and pair them with an Indian choker to a special occasion to flaunt their beauty. The Gota Patti saree is originally from Rajasthan.

Dharmavaram silk sarees

This beautiful and traditional silk saree is from the state of Andhra Pradesh. It has beautiful motifs, colourful borders, and shaded pallu that enhances the gold weave. The Dharmavaram saree is made of very attractive material and it has motifs of elephants, temples, and peacock designs that depict the traditions and religious culture of the region. Many brides love this saree that can be found at Stylecaret and many other designs. 

Konrad silk sarees

Konrad silk sarees are from Tamil Nadu and they were initially Temple sarees for the temple deities. They are one of the most expensive sarees in India. They have wide borders and motifs of elephants, peacocks, etc. They can be mostly found in shades of off-white, brown, and grey.

Baluchari silk sarees

Baluchari sarees were mostly worn by women from West Bengal and Bishnupur regions. This traditional designer sarees have borders that showcase ancient stories like Ramayana. Baluchari sarees can be worn with Polka jewellery to any special occasion.

Chanderi silk sarees

Chanderi silk sarees are made in Madhya Pradesh and they are extremely light and easy to wear due to the humidity and heat in that state. Chanderi sarees are famous for their silver Brocade and gold. They have different patterns and beautiful motifs of peacocks, floral designs, traditional coins, Chanderi temple, and geometric designs. Traditional or statement jewellery can be worn with this Chanderi saree for that extremely gorgeous look for a party, wedding events, and even birthdays.

Patola silk sarees

Patola sarees are rich handloom sarees made from one of the most expensive silk in Patan in Gujarat. These sarees come in bold, vibrant colours, and intricate patterns and designs which are very attractive. They can be worn to family functions and traditional occasions. Patola sarees have a radiant ethnic appeal that can enhance a woman’s personality.

Banarasi silk sarees

Banarasi sarees are made in Varanasi. They are made with one of the finest silk in India. These sarees have excellent texture, colours, and sheen and their borders have heavy golden embroidery which makes them popular with brides in North India. Their intricate designs and Mughal motifs make these sarees unique. Banarasi sarees can be worn with studded or gold sandals to festivals and special events.

Ilkal silk sarees

Ilkal sarees are made in Ilkal in Bagalkot district and are made using an ancient weaving technique developed in Karnataka. They have a beautiful form of traditional embroidery called kasuti. Ilkal sarees can be found in pure silk, pure cotton, and silk and cotton blends. The designs in most of these sarees are of temple towers, grain fields, and geometric motifs inspired from mountains. Traditional Ilkal sarees come in parrot green, red, and peacock blue. 

Tussar silk sarees

Tussar sarees mostly come from Bengal. They are considered to be very auspicious sarees with very soft texture with beautiful designs and motifs that fashion designers love. Their wide range of colours and designs makes them a must-have in the wardrobe.


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