Unlike the Indian brides Indian grooms are not so conscious about their look and wedding outfit. Not many grooms-to-be concentrate on planning their wedding outfits just as elaborately as the brides do. Nowadays the concept is fast changing. Even the grooms are paying a lot of attention to their look. They are spending time at the beauty saloons and concentrating on their overall grooming. Dressing up is an important factor, especially when you are getting married.

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You must co-ordinate the styling of the attire you will wear as well as the colour keeping in mind the complete look. It is not only your dress you have to decide but your hairstyle, accessories and skin care should also be taken care of. There are various pre-wedding functions. So, you have to decide clothes for all those function like engagement, tilak, sangeet, wedding and reception. For your engagement you can opt for an Indo-Western style suit comprising a Bandh Gala jacket with pants and an inner vest in contrast brocade.

Go for ethnic wear
Various options are availabe these days for grooms, depending on their style and taste. You can go for a western or formal wear like a suit or a tuxedo. If you wish, be traditional and ethnic. Then you can opt for sherwanis, Jodhpuri suits, kurta pyjamas.
Your best choice for the occasion would be a full-sleeved shirt with button ups, the option of a tie, a coat and trousers to match. In recent years the Asian fashion limelight has zoomed in on grooms wear and as a result the stylish male has begun to add class and panache to his wedding wardrobe.

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In an Indian wedding ethnic outfits look highly elegant and will give you an air of sophistication and mystique. It is advisable to go for ethnic and traditional wear for that special day. Sherwanis are the best option because it looks stunningly regal and it fuse the best with eastern and western style attire for the wedding and also the reception party. These days, lots of designer sherwani for grooms are available in a complete matching set with the bride’s dress. Here both the outfits are designed exactly in the same fabric, suiting the same design structure. You may like to opt for this option too.

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For those who want an outfit that combines an eastern influence with a western look, the Jodhpuri suit is the ideal option and will make you look incredibly elegant and stylish. It can be worn with a shirt underneath in a matching or contrasting colour or even a round-necked close fitting top. For the reception party you could have a formal look with the regular three-piece suit but details of the tie as well as the shirt texture and accessories could make a lot of difference. Go for stylish colours like shades of copper, grey, navy blue, etc. Proper clothes with proper accessories will be a wonderful combination.

Grooms dressing 1Colours should be selected, depending on your complexion like grey suit with a black vest or a steel grey with deep vine vest. Different colours are in different season but you should go for colours that suit your complexion.
Accessories for the Groom.

In traditional Indian wedding accessories play a vital role in defining the wedding outfit of the groom. Right selection of accessories makes the groom elegant and smart. Today, grooms are defining their outfit with ethnic and contemporary accessories that complement the wedding attire. They are very particular about the kind of look they portray. To match the sherwani a diamond cufflink will be a perfect accessory. Another important accessory is the pagri or the turban, which could be made interesting by using different fabrics like leheriyas, tie dyes, or self-woven brocades. It is worn with Sherwanis, Jodhpuris or heavy Churidar Kurtas. A pagri enhances the total look of the groom. It is usually made of chunri, zari and gharchola material and thus creates a colorful male adornment. Among the other important groom accessories are Kantha, which are long necklaces made of beads and white pearls and are usually worn as an ornament. A traditional moti mala worn along with an antique pendant or a broach enhances the look. You could match your mojris in raw silk and have the edges embroidered with similar embroidery to complete the look.

Kamar Patta or waistbands are elaborate handwork to provide a majestic appeal to the groom’s attire. It is tied around the waist of the groom when carrying the coconut during the wedding ceremony. Sehra is another accessory mostly worn at the time of marriage it enhances the overall personality of the groom. Mojris are usually traditional Indian footwear. It is worn with traditional Indian dressing like sherwanis and Jodhpuri suit. They come in different colours and designs, and are normally handcrafted. If the groom goes for western suit. Then to match the look he wears diamond or other semi-precious stone cufflinks, to add a touch of style and elegance. Choose the colour of the cufflinks that suits the colour of the suit. These are some of the accessories that an Indian groom normally wears.

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