Guru Randhawa: After Struggling For Two Years, This Famous Rapper Became His Well-Wisher.

Punjabi singer Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa aka Guru Randhawa is birthday on 30th August. Within a few years, he raised such flags in Bollywood that big singers started asking for water in front of him. Guru, who sang songs like Lahore, Patola, High Rated Gabru, Daru Vargi, Raat Kamal Hai, Ban Ja Rani, was born on 30 August 1991 in Gurdaspur district of Punjab. Guru Randhawa is not only a singer of Bollywood but he has also written many songs.

Guru Randhawa is not only a singer of Bollywood but he has also written many songs.

Apart from this, he has also given music and he has also produced them. Guru Randhawa initially used to perform in small programs in Delhi. He has also studied MBA. He has been given the name Guru by rapper Bohemians.

He started his career with small stage shows and parties. After some time Guru Randhawa moved to Delhi, where he completed his MBA. Guru Randhawa started his career as a singer in the year 2012. She composed her first song ‘Same Girl. However, his first song could not prove to be a hit.

Despite the first failure, Guru Randhawa did not back down. After this, he came up with his second song which was named ‘Chad Gayi’. In the year 2013, Guru Randhawa decided to launch his own album. Guru Randhawa’s first album was titled ‘Peg One’.

The famous rapper Bohemia became his well-wisher.

Guru Randhawa’s brother helped him financially in getting this album launched. After this, he released many of his songs but those songs of Guru Randhawa may not be such a hit that can take him to heights.

After struggling for two years, the famous rapper Bohemia became his well-wisher. After this, Guru Randhawa and Bohemia collaborated with a famous Bollywood music company to make the song ‘Patola’. This song changed the life and career of Guru Randhawa overnight. The song ‘Patola’, which came in the year 2015, is still the choice of millions of people. This song of his has also got the title of Best Punjabi Song.

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