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Guru Randhawa’s next track, debut Punjabi movie, all revealed in this chit-chat with WE

By Tanya Malik

July 06, 2017

Guru Randhawa has been making news all over ever since he made his Bollywood debut with the track “Tainu Suit Suit Karda” in the movie Hindi Medium starring Irfan Khan. The Punjabi artist has a huge craze among the youth for his songs like “Yaar Mod Do”, “Patola”, “Outfit”, “Fashion” and more.

All his songs have millions of hits on YouTube and he has become a household name in a short span of time. With his Bollywood debut, he has further expanded his fan following all across. Guru, 25, coming from Noorpur, a village in Punjab, has received a lot of appreciation for his debut in Bollywood and will soon be giving voice to a track in Vidya Balan starrer Tumhari Sulu. Also, he will soon be stepping into movies and that is surely a big news for his fans.


Recently, Guru was in Delhi to promote his new track “High Rated Gabru” and we had a candid conversation with him during the event.WE: Many people don’t know about your journey throughout, would you like to share it with us? Who was your motivation?

Guru: I started it with a dream that everybody is coming on the TV and then I was like I also want to come on TV. I liked to sing and write songs, so my inspiration was TV. And my Motivation was also TV.

WE: Nowadays as we see there are so many Punjabi singers emerging into the Bollywood industry. What do you think, is it easy for a person outside the industry to enter into Bollywood? Is it very welcoming for Punjabi singers?

Guru: (laughs) How many have you seen going there?

WE: There are some like Diljit Dosanjh and Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Guru: Yes, in around five years they emerged to be acting into Bollywood Industry. It is not easy, it is just about your product and your sincerity, if you have a good song and Bollywood needs it then they will take your songs for sure. I do aspire to be in Bollywood Industry but right now just as a singer not an actor. First, I will do a Punjabi movie though I am not even that good with acting but for my fans its nothing bad to try at least once.

WE: So, if you get a chance in Bollywood then with which actress would you like to work with?

Guru: Without a doubt, it would be Sonam Kapoor.

WE: Your female fan following is very high. We are sure they would like to know more about your personal life, especially your relationship status or the kind of women you like.

Guru: Oh I see! Well, I am single, and I like girls who are intelligent, and those who know what is right and what is not.


WE: We surely wish to know about your favorite singer.

Guru: I used to listen to songs in my childhood on TV, my village is on the Pakistan border so there were channels like PTV, DD Punjabi, DD national on which I used to listen to songs, people used to adjust antenna to catch signals. Then, I used to listen to Babbumaan Paji, Gurdaasmaan Sahab and Sajjad Ali khan Sahab. My music is from that music only with a modern touch, which makes sense, with no wrong messages, and even if someone tries to follow my songs then also the person won’t go to the wrong direction.

WE: Nowadays which singer you like to listen to?

Guru: I listen to Justin Bieber. I didn’t like his songs earlier but now his songs are much better. Also, I listen to Bruno Mars, and then I like Salim Merchant, his songs are lovely, and at last I listen to Selena Gomez too.

WE: Out of your all songs which song is your personal favorite?

Guru: All of the songs, I remember all my songs from the start, and when people sing my songs along with me then it makes me feel that yes I have achieved something in my life.

WE: You are connected to the singing line from such a long time so, do you have any interest in playing any instrument?

Guru: Well, I have a very little knowledge of playing Harmonium and I have a guitar that I only carry with me, and I play it in front of those who don’t know how it sounds like to listen to the original guitar play.

WE: Tell us about your personal interests. What kind of films do you like to watch?

Guru: I like watching Motivational and inspirational movies, recently I have watched Dangal. It was a very nice movie.

Transcribed by: Aditya Sharma