How guys handle breakups versus how girls handle them

By Sanjana Saini

July 06, 2017

It is very obvious to think that it is you who is going through a tough time post breakup while the other is having the time of their life. And looking at movies and shows is also not very helpful because they only show a part of the reality. They only show women sitting on a couch in their sweatpants eating ice-cream and watching romcoms while men hanging out in a bar with their friends drinking beer and hitting on women.

So what is the complete reality? If a guy and a girl are in a serious relationship and genuinely care for each other, they are likely to go through the following.

Guys do not face their feelings and this ends up with them not being over those feelings. They box away their emotions whenever things get too difficult for them to handle and the same happens after the breakup which makes it difficult for them to move on.


Girls, on the other hand, are very comfortable with dealing with their emotions which helps them move on faster. They do not hesitate to talk about how they feel and this gives them a closure.


It is very rare for a guy to have an open conversation with his friends about his feelings. This also has a role to play during a breakup because since the guy cannot talk about how he feels to someone, he is going to keep feeling miserable deep down.


Girls have an excellent network of girlfriends they can talk to. So venting out about an ex is not a big thing and this helps in them moving on faster.


This is possible for both guys and girls. Gone are the days when guys would hook-up with strangers while girls keep crying. After a breakup, girls get emotionless and they too have rebound guys to get over their pain.


We all know how girls are mocked for over-analyzing situations and getting to conclusions which are far away from the reality. But the same thing helps a girl understand when things are not working out and it’s time to end things.


In the case of guys, they are mostly not aware of such things because they do not take time to think things out. So this results in them being shocked when the discussion of breaking up takes place while girls are usually ready.


After the breakup, guys resort to harmful habits of alcohol and drugs to bury their feelings. They do not take care of themselves and are more prone to harming themselves. In fact, for some guys personal hygiene is no longer something to think about and they no longer care about how they look.


Girls, on the other hand, tend to look more amazing after they have overcome the sadness. They go to gyms and dress better which makes them look more confident and attractive. They do not resort to drinking and doing drugs and they weight that they gained during the post-breakup binge eating is all lost by exercising.