Hair Loss: Don’t Let Your Crown To Lose So Easily!


Losing hair can be a nightmare for many of us, although it is not a gender or age-specific condition and could be due to multiple reasons including hormonal imbalances, heredity reasons, stressful living, nutritional deficiencies, and many other reasons which could possible leads to loss of our beloved crown.

Scientifically, we lose around 70 to 100 hair strands daily and form new hair cells or follicles at the same rate but losing more than that, in fact, comes under the category of Hair loss because the rate of growth of new hair is unable to make up the lost hair.

Hair loss due to hormonal imbalances is common in females as in pregnancy, menopause, thyroid and polycystic ovary issues may cause hair loss in women, and in men hair loss in many of the cases is heredity.

The other reason for hair loss could be stressful events in life and also diseases such as arthritis, heart problem, and gout may cause hair loss.

The hair loss due to nutritional deficiency can be managed by taking supplements for hair growth and also hair loss due to excessive hair treatment can be managed by taking a little break from hair salons.

It should be remembered that hair fall could be a temporary condition in our body that can be managed by taking a proper diet, practicing Yoga, maintaining proper sleeping habits, and taking hair supplements . These all could help in regaining your crown, which could be noticed by sprouting baby hairs from the hairline of your scalp and reduce hair fall could immediately notice within few weeks by the person only. However, if you still battling hair fall then medical attention is needed.

In many cases, hair loss can be managed and in extreme cases, a hair transplant is a last and viable option which is also not a bad option.


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