If your hair is falling or thinning out, you are rather anxious to find out the reason as to why it happens. Is hair loss due to heredity, stress or some other factor? The answer is a BIG “yes” to all the above mentioned factors. Excessive use of hairstyling tools like strengtheners and curling iron or hair products like gels, mousse, sprays, colours, etc. can damage the hair shaft and prolonged usage can hamper its growth. Tight ponytails, wrong combs, parting your hair, can further aggravate the condition. Normally every person loses about 40-50 strands of hair every day and they are replaced by new hair. But when either the hair loss is not being replaced by new hair or when the hair loss is more than the new hair grown then it becomes a cause for great concern.  Following are the main causes for hair loss:

Bouncy hair 1Washing your hair with hard water or chemically treated water  causes hair loss and thinning of hair; Use of  shampoos, conditioners and hair-styling products containing chemicals over long periods; Dandruff leads to scaly scalp; If your ancestors or close relatives have hair loss or thinning of hair in their lineage, you are likely to suffer from hair loss as well as a genetic cause; Women are prone to mineral deficiencies during pregnancy and child birth, which is one of the major causes for hair loss; Stress, a major cause for hair loss problem;  Hair cells need proper nutrition. Lack of Nutritious Diet, Deficiency of iron, folic acid and B vitamins is yet another cause; Chronic and Viral Diseases like Typhoid, Jaundice, Viral Diseases, etc. affect your immune system resulting in your body becoming too weak leading to loss and thinning of hair. Several changes take place in a woman’s body once she hits menopause and one of them can be hair fall. This is because estrogen hormone levels are low in the body. They can make the hair dry and also cause hair loss if due care is not taken.

How we can minimize hair loss?

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The first tip is to bring about changes in your lifestyle and eliminate the causes of hair loss, as much as possible.

Your hair scalp needs to be massaged to increase the circulation of blood and stimulate the hair follicles which will strengthen your hair roots. Fungal infections and dandruff can also be prevented this way. It also helps in controlling your stress levels which is yet another factor attributed to thinning of hair. You can use lukewarm coconut hair oil to massage your scalp. Alternatively, olive oil can also be used. You can massage your scalp before sleeping at night and leave it on overnight. If you are not for sleeping with oil on your head then do it during day time on weekends and wash off with a good quality shampoo. You may also rub your scalp with your fingertips, without oil to stimulate your hair follicles and increase blood circulation in your scalp.

Healthy balanced diet rich in iron, protein, calcium and vitamin B is a must for healthy hair growth.  It is recommended by experts that our intake should consist of seeds, nuts, grains, wheat germs, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, sea foods and dairy products.

Iron-rich foods also stop premature greying of hair. Adding healthy fats to your diet is extremely important for hair growth. Fat helps the body assimilate vitamins that are essential for healthy hair. Focus on eating unsaturated fats like Omega 3’s

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To prevent hair loss at an early age or premature greying of hair, avoid stress. To avoid stress you can do yoga, meditation, exercises or go for long walks.


You need to keep your hair clean always. Some more tips to be included in your hair care are: Drink plenty of water;  Go for regular trimming of your hair to avoid dry, damaged hair and split ends; Do not over-wash your hair; Avoid using hair and colouring products containing chemicals; Limit excessive use of  flat-irons and curling irons.

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