Hangovers as we know, usually last for some hours or maximum for a day. But the hangover that the author talks about here is the pleasant hangover of love and friendship that has been on since years now.

The most sought guy of college falls in love with this very simple and studious girl. After innumerous awkward moments, ups and downs – the happy love story begins. But destiny takes its toll and the relationship doesn’t turn into marriage. Girl’s family forces her to marry someone else.

Cut to now – the girl is now a mother of 2 kids and leading a subtle married life. But the hangover of her first love still affects her. The author attempts to redefine love, and in the process, make you realize that love has no definition, but it is boundless. “After being married to different people for a long term, they are still in love with each other. There is no infidelity or cheating here but only love,” the author says.

The book is all about what does this hangover means to her and why she never wants this restless feeling to end. Authored in very simple language, the book comprises of only 100 pages which you can read it in a go.

However, the book is flawed in several ways. Especially, truck loads of grammatical errors which tend to break your flow. The narration of the story heavily lacks every kind of description and detailing which a reader otherwise expects from a writer. Dialogues like, “I felt so good.”, “I said ok.” makes it a bit boring and uninteresting as well.

Parents of 10-20 year old kids will be able to relate to many aspects about the book. It can be a one-time read for them.

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