Are you one of them who can’t wait to marry the man of your dream? Yes we are talking about your boyfriend, whom you want to see as your hubby. The common dream every girl wish to fulfill when they are in serious relationship is to take the relationship to next level. Most of the lovely ladies out there might be eagerly waiting for this moment when their boyfriends become their husbands. But have you thought about the several things that you might not be aware of and discover only after your boyfriend becomes your husband. See what happens when your so dear boyfriend becomes your lovely husband.


 Some surprises, some shocks

Who said ‘Love marriages do not have an element of surprise’ ,its a complete myth. Many of you might get to see an altogether different personality of your husband which you were not aware of when he was your bf. So you should be keep yourself prepared for certain changes and surprises when you are getting into a love marriage.

He is bf, no he is husband

The first year of marriage is full of slip-ups like this. Getting used to your new husband wife title takes time. You constantly get confused while introducing your husband who was boyfriend once.

when bf becomes your husband as cover pic

You fight differently

There was a time when you used to give each other serious threats to walk out over petty matters when ever you had a tussel among yourself but ladies now believe it or not you are stuck in a lifetime bond which can’t be break easily. So widen your acceptance power, compromise a little and learn to choose your battles smartly.

fight between wife hubby after marriageCommunication changes
Late night texts and phone calls are now replaced by midnight conversations lying in bed together. You no longer need to plan dates, but instead remind each other what work responsibility each one of you are suppose to do, about the daily chores etc.

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