Marriage is designed in such a way that it is the most intimate of all human relationships and one in which we share life intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. A strong marriage helps deal with stress and other problems of life. Happily married people are healthier, wealthier, and enjoy life more.

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Easy to cope

The health benefits of marriage are unquestionable. But there’s also a dark side. Evidence is mounting that at least women – unhappy marriages are health vampires, and relationship related stress even more than work stress undermines the body’s physiological defenses. Couples who handle their disagreements in negative way for example, don’t heal well.

Different studies done on interpersonal relationships show that being in a loving alliance makes it easier to cope with the stresses and strains of working life. Contrary to popular perception that single people have a carefree lifestyle, it is those who are in long-term relationships who are most laid back. It has been found that those who were married, or in a steady relationship, were least affected by the strains work. Single people and those who were widowed felt stress more durably, while those who were divorced were the least relaxed of all. Married people benefit from simply being able to talk through their day with someone after work.

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Harmful to health

Married couples who constantly argue risk damaging themselves. It has been found that marital rows can prolong the time it takes the body to heal itself after an injury. When husband and wife feel consistently argumentative towards one another, the delay in the healing process can be doubled. Being in a bad marriage may be equally hazardous to the health of both spouses. Men and women in unhappy marriages suffer from increased stress levels throughout the day at home and at work as well as higher blood pressure, which could raise the risk of heart attack or stroke.

It’s like a seat belt

Marriage is sort of like a life preserver or a seat belt. We can put it in exactly the same category as having a balanced diet, doing exercise regularly and not smoking. Women who are unhappy in their marriage experience change in their endocrine and immune systems. They may have elevated levels of epinephrine and cortical hormones. In unhappy relationships woman tend to experience greater pain.

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Researchers have found that those who have strategies to lower physiological arousal during stressful situations have better physical and mental health as well as higher marital satisfaction and stability. The tensions and arguments of marriage can often lead to depression, with many studies finding increases in depressive symptoms among those who report marital discord compared with those who have not reported such discord compared with those who have not reported such discord. Perhaps even more surprising is the evidence that relationship strain can take a direct physiological toll.

Feeling of insecurity

Marriage acts as a reliever against loneliness. But at its worst, marriage can also be a cause of isolation. Insecurity also reflects in the stressful relations. It need not to be financial insecurity as nowadays woman are getting financially more secure, it is an emotional insecurity, fear of living alone that makes a person sick and depressed. You have money, power, success but nobody to share it with; it’s really scary. It is human nature that no matter how successful a person is, he or she wants to share that achievement with somebody, preferably with a life partner, with the family or kids. Money can give financial security but companionship alone can give emotional strength. This emotional strength is the backbone of any achievement, which comes along with the appreciation of the person you love.

Insecurity in love often makes people loose their self-confidence. Obviously this is not a healthy sign for physical and mental health. Detachment from loved ones always stop enhancement of the personality. When you know that your partner will be their when you need him or her, it boosts energy and encourages one to go further in every sphere of live. Love concentrates on the well-being of the spouse. We take time to listen to the thoughts, feelings, and desires of our spouses. Men and women need the comfort of each other when facing problems and difficulties. The feelings of insecurity and unrest will disappear and life will be more meaningful, happy and interesting if there is someone who is willing to share another’s burden.

Raise social status

Being married also has social benefits for both men and women. Marriage or being in a romantic relationship is a highly valued social status, so it will make people feel good about themselves because of the value society places on it. A society grows through a network of relationships which are commonly entwined and mutually supporting. Every relationship is a whole-hearted commitment to support and to protect others in a group or community.

Marriage plays a very important part in this strong web of relationships of giving support and protection. A good marriage should grow and develop gradually from understanding and not impulse, from true loyalty and not just physical pleasure. In marriage, each partner develops a complementary role, giving strength and moral courage to one another, each manifesting a supportive and appreciative respect of the other’s skill in caring and providing for a family. Marriage gives support and love and if that support and secured feelings are not there, especially in woman, then it becomes difficult for a person to cope with the adversities of life.

When you are happy or satisfied everything looks nice and beautiful, even inside a person feels joyous and cheerful.


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