The power of elation.
By I. M. Soni
We blame our happiness or unhappiness on a lot of things: lack of education, money, work, health, luck or lack of love. But whether a man is rich or poor makes little difference to his happiness.
Sweden has the highest standard of living in the world. But it is Sweden that also has the highest percentage of suicides and the greatest incidence of nervous and mental breakdowns. A persons life consists not in the abundance of possession. Rather it is in what possesses the heart and mind.


How can I find the key to happiness?
There is not a slick way. But there is a way. Watch what happens when you awaken in the morning how do you wake? Examine your feelings. Notice that your energies are going into a welter of self- sympathy. You are crying inwardly.
They have no idea what I have to go through. Only yesterday my brother stole my Parker and I do not know where the next one is coming from. It is bills. Nothing but bills, and I have had just about as much as I can stand.” A list of laments which can be multiplied and multi fold.

Appreciation is missing. You do your best, you work and salve from morning until night and no one thinks any better of you. The world is not with you If is against you,

The soliloquising might take a different turn. “I don’t feel right. My back has been giving me trouble. No one cares. My colleague has been hitting. My spouse is inquisitive. If I go in to the past, I get more gloomy.

“Really my back is much worse this morning. A simply sprain couldn’t do this. I may have slipped a disc, or it may be a tubercular spine, or even cancer. Terrible.”

“I see myself being taken to hospital. My wife (or husband) is by my bedside. The rest of my family is called in. I am on the critical list. I tell them ‘the end won’t be long now’. My people burst into tears. You’ll soon be better, they all say, but they know. There is not a hope.”

And so these tragic thoughts go on. This kind of daydreaming tends to be the pattern of thinking and it is something worth we have created from our, own unconscious mind which is a universe in itself, as fathomless as the deepest ocean in the universe. We are sunk in it and we know not.

Comfort of self-pity

These are the feelings the misery of being unfairly accused; illness or accident, the comfort of self-pity. It happens every day in one form or another.

This misery is the feeling which comes without being asked. Unless this chain of thought is arrested and altered, your mood and your life will continue in the mess of misery. And misery does not love aloofness, it loves company.

As you go through these emotions, these is a part that stands apart and is taking little action that is nothing. This observed action becomes weak because it has not been called into action.

Whenever you sink into these miserable moods see that the self is able to change this tape. Because, when observe self interferes with one tape recording of misery, our whole being protests. Misery is mental occupation with which we are at home! This experience of misery is something we know and have always fed on unconsciously. So, we stick to it at all costs unless the observer self comes into operation to change the tape recording to something more positive.


Assert your positivity to change.

You have the power of personality and because of this you are no longer at the mercy of misery just as easily as you can switch from one channel to another. So, I can switch my thoughts and ideas from misery and wretchedness to fulfilment.

Your blocks. There is no need to talk them badly. You are no longer at the mercy of the unconscious mind but in command of it.

A tremendous amount of energy has been wasted on the morbid misery and unhappiness. When you withdraw this energy from its poverty–stricken goal, you must provide another goal for your energies.

If you are not to feed on misery, you must feed on something else, and it is necessary to make it something better and joyful.

Decide what you would like to become. It is good to enquire of secret hopes, those you have put aside as unattainable, because misery has been, deep down, all subversion.

Many women of over 30 have discarded hopes of marriage, and have devoted themselves to misery instead.

Many a man has taken the verdict of his father he would never be any good and so has pulled the curtain down on going up the ladder. Many have stopped thinking about some hope, ambition, dream of longing because these were inconsistent with their misery syndrome.

Now that you understand yourself, you can go to the attic of your mind and dust off your dreams. You spring-clean your hopes and see them in their beauty.

Instead of spending your energies in the field of misery, you can mobilise your imagination and bring to life dreams you have forsaken. Just recall them in your joy-fields.

As you bring your faith and positive attitudes to bear on your good self, you will find your energies and thoughts run into a constructive channel. The very circumstances you long for will set out to meet you. Then you will know that you too can be happy!

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