Do the mere thoughts of Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Korma, Kebabs, Biryani and Butter Chicken leave your mouth drooling? Would you find your life pretty aimless, had there been no non-veg food? If your answer to both the questions is a yes, chances are you are a hard core non-veg lover. But wait, don’t call yourself one until you find the following points completely relatable! 😉

Ordering Veg Food at Restaurants is a Big No No:

 The rule you abide by to is, If you are eating outside, it OBVIOUSLY and UNDOUBTEDLY has to be something non veg”.1 (1)

Skipping Veg Part of the Menu Comes Naturally To You:

Without even putting an intentional thought, you effortlessly and unknowingly skip the vegetarian part of the menus. Afterall, ordering veg food at restaurants is almost like betraying yourself.

2 (1) 

You Mock Your Vegetarian Friends:

They deserve this! Afterall, how can someone live without non veg food? Howwww?3 (1)

You know which place serves best XYZ non veg dish:

**Arrey, this place serves best Chicken Tikka**

**Wanna have Galouti Kebabs? I know a place**

This is how enthusiastically you respond when deciding over what and where to eat. And ofcourse, you are a true non-vegetarian food guide and are aware of nooks and corners, famous for particular dishes in your city.

4 (1)

Paneer can never be an alternate:

You simply wanna punch the person in their face, who ever try to make you eat Paneer in place of non veg. However, when nothing of choice is available, Paneer is the only considerable! :p


Your day is incomplete without having atleast one non veg dish

Atleast one meal has to be non-veg. It can be a simple roadside evening snack like Chicken momos, kathi roll or a proper scrumptious dinner with homemade Masala Gravy Chicken.  


You feel like a lone warrior at pure vegetarian restaurants

The only thought that hovers over your mind at such a situation is, “Why the hell am I here? What sins have I committed to be punished like this?”


For you, even Tuesday is a chicken day

F** the World! No day can ever stop you from eating non-veg!

9Your ultimate mission is to make your vegetarian friends eat chicken

That indeed will be some serious mission accomplished for you! 😉

5 (1)


And, now are seriously craving for something Non-veg! (fooood)  😉

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