Has Nisha Rawal Filed A Domestic Violet Case Against Her Husband Karan Mehra?

In May, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor got arrested after her wife reported that Karan hit her and she had a forehead bleeding injury. Later the actor was out from jail on bail. Thereafter, in a press conference, Nisha accused him of having an extra-marital affair and also mentioned his abusive behaviour.

Karan has been accused of domestic violence and having an extramarital affair

A lot of news has been circulating about the TV actor Karan Mehra after his wife Nisha Rawal accused him of hitting her and having an extramarital affair.

According to the latest update, Nisha has filed a case of domestic violence against the actor. Mumbai police have registered the case against Karan. Nisha also charged his family members Ajay, Kunal, and Bela Mehra with assault and intentional harassment.

The complaint that has been filed on 25th June at the Goregaon police station has an accusation of Karan withdrawing 1 crore rupees from her bank account. Although no arrests have been made yet, the police are investigating the matter.

According to Nisha, Karan hit him on his forehead and she had bleeding

After the arrest on 31st May, Karan was bailed out. Then the blame game started and it created a frenzy on social media. Nisha addressed the media and said “He has beaten me up. He is an actor, he is very smart, he understands cameras. He has sometimes made my face black and blue and punched me hard.”

When asked why she was tolerating such behaviour of his husband for a long time, she added “Because I love him. Because I still love him. I am a stupid. It came as a slap on my face because he was having an affair. I was not ready to split up with him or anything.”

Karan has been bailed out from jail

Karan denied all such allegations and said, “Nisha has been lying. I have never tried to harm her in any way. Speaking of the domestic violence incident, it is a big lie. In fact, she barged into my bedroom while I was talking to my mother over the phone. All of a sudden she started abusing me and my family. She even spat on me.

When I told her not to spit, she said, ‘ab dekho kya hota’ (now see what happens), and the very next second she banged her head on a wall.”

Karan with his wife and son

Karan and Nisha married in 2012. The actor became famous for his performance in the Indian daily soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai as the main character named Naitik Sinhgania.

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