If one starts counting the good deeds ever done by Akshay Kumar, he or she shouldn’t be surprised if the list doesn’t come to an end. That’s how our Khiladi Kumar is – an emotional man who understands the problems of a common man, raises concerns over sensitive social issues and never fails to provide solutions also. Known to send strong messages in the form of short videos on social media, he perfectly utilises his celebrity status for the social welfare.

He recently won millions of hearts when he launched a website and app to make direct donations to martyred soldiers’ families, Bharat Ke Veer, with the support of government. Consequently, anyone can donate money to the families of the soldiers who lost their life while safeguarding the nation without any middlemen. Otherwise, the procedure was to first draft a DD in the favour of government and then the government would transfer the donation money to the affected family.

And now, the real life Khiladi, Akshay has not just melted our hearts but also fostered immense respect with his latest move. He has launched an Insurance scheme for stunt men and women of Bollywood. The scheme covers 380 Indian stunt men and women between the age group of 18 to 55 and assures to give financial aid of Rs 6 Lakhs for the treatment, if injured on sets.

While we enjoy the adrenaline rush during action sequences, we often forget that most of the stunts are done by stunt men and women, and not actors themselves. Most of the times, actors are not even allowed to perform stunts on their own because they are too risky. Many stunt artistes have even lost their lives on sets while shooting and performing the stunts for the films. Such is the dangerous world of stunts. But unfortunately, there didn’t exist a single insurance scheme for these much brave artistes.

Being a stunt artist himself, Akshay always had a soft corner and heartfelt respect for this life-risking profession. Aware of the excruciating pain stunt artistes and their families go through, Akshay Kumar formed this scheme along with a renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr Ramakanta Panda. The scheme covers amount upto 6 Lakhs in almost 4000 hospitals in case of injury on sets. However, in the case of death, amount of Rs 10 Lakhs will be provided to the stuntman’s family.

This policy has been possible after innumerous failed attempts and even the Indian government is in all praise for both real and reel life Khiladi, Akshay Kumar.

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