Have Hrithik Roshan and Ex- Wife, Sussanne Khan Moved-In-Together ? “Co-Parenting Amidst The Pandemic”

Once considered as the ideal couple of Bollywood, actor Hrithik Roshan and interior designer Sussanne khan have never disappointed their fans when it comes to love and respect. Though it’s been more than a decade since their divorce, the duo has never let their decision effect their parenting and families. Have Hrithik Roshan and Ex- Wife, Sussanne Khan Moved-In-Together.

So when Hrithik announced Sussanne’s decision to temporarily move-in to his home so as to quarantine together with their kids, it wasn’t hard to see how the two were an absolutely amazing duo when it comes to raising their kids and spending quality time with them.


It was only recently, when in an interview with the Vogue magazine, Sussanne opened up on the decision of co-parenting with Hrithik amidst the pandemic. While sharing about their joint decision of living in the same house for the sake of their kids, Sussanne said, “When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and the news was out that a lockdown would be imperative, Hrithik and I decided that staying together in the same home would be the more intelligent and soulful decision for our sons, and for us. We realised early on that the days ahead would require us to regroup our energies towards creating serenity for one another. With that thought in mind, and a heap full of love, we started on our lockdown adventure.”


She further revealed how the family is working together as a unit and how on the first day, they all sat together and jotted down a list of activities they wanted to do amidst quarantine. From enjoying their 1 hour reading time, to working out together every day at 6 pm in an innovative session, the interior designer said, “The idea was to structure our days in such a way that we grow our minds, warm our hearts and keep our bodies fit and strong—where we have no option but to use a little creativity and innovation to enjoy our days without a sense of monotony seeping through.” Have Hrithik Roshan and Ex- Wife, Sussanne Khan Moved-In-Together.

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