Have Long, Beautiful And Healthy Hair: 10 Tips For Natural Hair Growth


Long, Shiny and Healthy Hair

Long, Shiny and Healthy Hair

Having long, healthy and beautiful hair is what women wish for. And the fact is, it’s an easily achievable goal. Just follow these 10 natural hair growth beauty tips for healthy and shiny hair. Soon you will see yourself sporting locks that even Rapunzel would have wished for.


1.Trim Hair 

Broken ends are your hair’s nastiest enemy. Trimming hair monthly helps get rid of split-ends and helps you prevent hair loss. Know that it reduces split-ends and enhances hair shine, thickness, and smoothness.


2.Hair mask

A right hair mask can provide the right kind of nourishment to your hair. Apply a hair mask every two weeks or so. A hair mask can be made with eggs whites, lemon juice, Henna, and other natural ingredients.


3.Scalp therapy

Hair Scalp therapy is needed to keep the hair roots healthy, as dirt, oil, and dead skin cells can collect on the scalp. After shampoo, apply moisture to the scalp by applying fresh Aloe-Vera gel at least once a week.


4.No to Harsh chemical 

Chemical-based products can extremely harm your hair. Use natural products. The smaller the amount of chemical product, the healthier your hair will be.


5.Air dry hair 

Avoid wrapping your hair after wash, let them loose open and dry. This causes a lot of hair damage and hair fall. Let your hair dry naturally after smooth rubbing and patting with a soft towel.


6.Healthy food & diet

Eating a right and healthy diet plays an important role in hair growth. Protein is essential for growth hair growth. You can take protein-rich foods like dairy products, nuts, pulses, soya, fish, eggs, and lean meat. 


7.Hair supplements

Hair supplements such as Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B1 and zinc are some important nutrients that can be taken after consulting a doctor. These supplements make hair grow faster.


8.Drink water

Staying hydrated is not just favourable for your body, it is a must for your hair too. Adequate water intake is very important if you want long, shiny, and healthy hair.


9.Avoid hot water

Avoid very hot water because it weakens the hair, turns it dry and brittle. In winters try using lukewarm water instead. And, the last rinse should be with cold water, to close hair follicles and keep hair healthy.


10.Avoid Heat styling

The heat styling can dry your hair, turning it brittle and weak. Excessive heat may dead your hair tissues Go easy on hot styling hair tools unless you want breakage and permanent damage to your beautiful locks.

Avoid rough hair brushing. Be very careful when you detangle wet hair, as utmost damage and hair loss can happen then. Regularly oil your hair. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, or any herbal oil.

A proper hair care routine and diet along with minor changes in the way you manage your hair can help you make sure that your hair is long, shiny and beautiful. 


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