Having A Hard Time In Your Relationship? Know How To Fix It!

It is said that we always get angry with those people only that we love the most! May it be intentionally or unintentionally, all depending on the situation we sometimes hurt the ones that matter the most to us. But, a mature relationship is one that has the capability to overcome a fight smartly. Arguing is as normal as loving each other, they both are just the opposite phases a relationship goes through at times. Every relationship goes through major ups and downs but we should never forget that keeping peace in a relationship is a must. Here are a few strategies that you can implement if you are going through a tough time with your partner. Relationship

  • Step away from the situation 

Simply step away from a situation or conversation that you think might lead to an argument. Recall the common phrase that says ‘ignorance is bliss. Try to avoid minute mistakes and move forward with a bigger perspective. And, if you have already got into an argument, then take a small 20 minutes break, sit aside alone, and peacefully try to think about the situation that got you both here. Think about both all perspectives and come up with a smart conclusion to end it. 

  • Create boundaries 

The problem with fighting is that it has no limits. But, if you try to create some boundaries it can be solved quickly without affecting any of you much. Try to look out for the real problem rather than taking the conversation in another direction. For example, make a rule that every day should end on a decent note, as in, sleeping without any negative thoughts for each other in mind.

  • Recall all good memories 

Sit down patiently for a minute or 2. Then close your eyes and remember all the beautiful moments you have ever shared with each other. Try to focus on the good in the bad. The best would be to think about the purpose of your relationship that why you both got together. Stop fighting and start enjoying with each other as life is meant for that only.Relationship

  • Communicate Appropriately 

It’s always good to think before you speak. Say something productive as per the situation. Have control over your words and pause before you end up saying something that you might regret later. While fighting never starts attacking each-others character. Rather try to understand the situation and make use of phrases like ‘I understand’ or more. Keep watch on your tone. And above all remember that anything can be sorted within seconds if you choose a polite way of communicating over harsh. Never keep anything inside you, speak it out to your partner directly on the face, and deal with the situation boldly. 

  • Try to listen more and speak less 

Reading this and implementing this might be tough for once but the result it has will always be good. Being silent in such a situation is the best strategy. 1st let the other one complete and then put up your point. 

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