HDFC Bank women footballers goal BIG!

Sports culture in the organization has been an integral part of the working life for all employees.

We talked to the captain of HDFC Bank football team Deepti Pandit to know more about game and the practice session

1. How you manage your time between practice and work?

When you have passion for something, you find time for it. We meet every Sunday morning to practice as a team and daily do our individual training in the week for our fitness. We schedule this in the mornings before work so that both the things are managed well. Our supervisors also support us if there are matches or some extra hours need to be put in training for important matches.

2. Lack of awareness about women’s football is a major problem currently. How do you think more awareness can be generated?

1. Training for girls should start from the school .

2. Every school has to compulsorily have a football team which represents the school locally and plays regularly against schools in their vicinity / area.

3. The winners should play against each other at the city / district / state levels
4. Scouting of talent from these teams to identify a pool of players who can represent the district / state / country
5. Every I- League team should have a women’s team playing the league and have other teams like under 12/ under 14 / under 16 teams

3. Tell us something about your team?
We are a team of 12 girls from different departments, from different locations across Mumbai, from ages ranging from 21 to 41. Some have played football before but for some, it’s the first time they would have played any sport. What joins us together is the passion for the football.

We meet at 6 am on Sunday morning and practice for 2-3 hours under the guidance of our coach Mr Devdas Shriyan. At the age of 70, he is never late and never misses practice. He is always on the ground before us checking the ground so that we players are free from injury.
Each player also then strives to be on time and be regular at practice. It is so motivating to see their passion for the game.
The game has also helped us in our work lives. We understand the value of teamwork, discipline, strategy and most importantly time.
This all would not have been possible without the leadership of Mr. Sukesh Shastri and the Sports Management Committee. With their support we are able to participate in tournaments and represent the bank. This is a proud feeling and with this we ‘Play to be Remembered’.

4. What makes them perfect?

It is difficult to believe but true that the players come together and practice thrice a week at a common place at 6 am in the morning. Post the practice, the staffs directly move to their offices for their regular duties. The players representing the bank are full time staff employed by the bank doing their corporate duties and not players who have been recruited under any sports quota or representing the corporate on a contract basis.

Women’s team too who have been participating in the corporate leagues / tournaments and have a good winning record, having won 22 trophies for the bank since the team started playing.