HEALTH: Suffering From Thyroid Problems For A Long Time? Checkout What To Eat And What Not!!

Many in the family suffer from thyroid problems. Thyroid or endocrine glands are located in the throat. If there is a thyroid problem, the doctors make strict rules for living. In order to increase the function of thyroid gland, it is necessary to increase the levels of some beneficial elements such as zinc, iodine, algae, copper and iron in the body.

Foods you should avoid if you have thyroid problems:

  • Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and lentils increase thyroid levels. In addition, mustard, radish, red potato and sugar nuts should be avoided.
  • Exclude milk and dairy foods such as cheese from the diet if thyroid increases. Sugar, cooked carrots, ripe bananas, dried fruits, honey, wholemeal bread and white rice are not good for thyroid patients as these increase carbohydrate level. These should be eaten sparingly if you have thyroid.

  • Avoid tea, coffee and cold drinks as much as possible.
  • According to the experts, fried and highly processed food items contain unsaturated fat, which may also cause the symptoms of hypothyroidism.
  • Even fruits like peach and plum should be avoided because they are packed with the compound called goitrogens.
  • People suffering from thyroid problems should avoid the intake of Gluten. It can irritate the small intestine and hampers the absorption of thyroid hormone replacement medication.

  • Doctors say that hypothyroidism can cause body’s metabolism to slow down. It is best to reduce the amount of sugar you eat or try to eliminate it completely from your diet. Sugary foods like chocolate cakes are dangerous for people who have thyroid problems.

What to eat if you have thyroid:

  • Copper and iron are especially important for the body if you have a thyroid
  • Meat, cashew and wheat flour has a lot of copper. In addition, green vegetables, beans, marine fish and chicken eggs are rich in iron

  • Lemon, tomato, capsicum can be eaten to increase the amount of vitamin C in the body

  • Studies show that yogurt and seafood are really good for thyroid patients

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