Maatr that releases today at the silver screens stars Actress Raveena Tandon in the lead. Raveena plays the role of a mother of a 12-year-old rape survivor. The entire story revolves around how a mother seeks revenge for her daughter.

Raveena was in Delhi yesterday for the last leg of promotions and she shared how important it is to make the audiences watch a movie like this one. Women safety is one of the most sensitive issues of the nation and the movie highlights the status of women in a country like India. Also, the government has been constantly failing to provide justice to rape victims and the film moves around it.

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Ravina Tandon during the Promotion of her upcoming Movie ' MAATR' in New Delhi on Thursday. PTI Photo(PTI4_20_2017_000126B)

Maatr brings into light the condition of rape victims in the country. On this, we asked Raveena how challenging it was for her to prepare herself to play a role like this. 

She shared, “It was very challenging for me. I was really scared when those scenes were to be shot. When I heard the script, I got really disturbed. However, ever since the Nirbhaya case happened I wanted to do a project like this one. God forbid anyone in this situation, it is a nightmare. It was not easy to shoot, we all were disturbed. Worst for me was when I had to dub for those scenes. We were shooting this film in Delhi and during the shoot, we got in touch with Safe Women Foundation. I went there for a panel discussion and there I met Nirbhaya’s mother and co-incidentally she started talking to me. She spoke on stage and shared that it all lasts for only 4 days and the 5th day everyone gets back to business. It came from a mother whose daughter was brutally raped and murdered.”

Raveena added, “Today there is some problem in our justice system. The number of rapes in India are increasing day by day and as a society we are doing wrong and we need to correct things. The punishments need to be made harsher.”

“There are so many cases where rapists get bailed and they go back to the victims and violate them. So there is no fear of the law, this is the question that we ask in the film.”

Written by Michael Pellico and directed by Ashtar Sayed, Maatr made it to the big screen today and it is getting a positive response from the audience. Go watch it at a theatre near you! 

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