Sara Ali Khan’s parents, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh got divorced in 2004 after 13 years of marriage when she was just 9 years old.  Obviously at that time it was not easy for her to live without her mother but she accepted it.  After 8 years, Saif Ali Khan got married to Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor in 2012.  Sara and Kareena share a very warm relationship with each other.  In coffee with karan she even stated that they both have a bond like a friend, she further added to her statement that whosoever makes her father happy makes her happy whether it is kareena or anyone else.  She also said that whatever relation she shares with kareena is just because of her mother, Amrita Singh.Recently Sara shares adorable pictures with her mother, Amrita Singh and Ibrahim.  This made us came across their special pictures of her childhood with her mommy, Amrita Singh and brother, Ibrahim Khan.

Right from her professional carrier to her personal life, she is a real goal for everyone’s life.  She has always said that how much she loves her mother, Amrita Singh.  On May 12, 2019, Mother’s Day, she posted a black and white picture of he mother and captioned it as, “Happy Mother’s Day to my Mommy Thank you for constantly being my strength, motivation and inspiration Ma. I hope I can be 10% of the woman you are. #travelbuddy #soulsister #gratitude #strongestwoman #bosslady #gotitfrommymama #number1 #mywholeworld.”

After that we came to see the unseen  , and naughty childhood of her with mother, Amrita and brother Ibrahim.  When we see the picture of her childhood on instagram, we all will feel that she is trying to hide some of her  mischief that she had committed before posing for the camera.

A few days we also saw a picture in which she was being cuddled in her daddy’s arms and making a puppy face while her handsome father lovingly looks at her.

In the second picture Sara is sitting with her father in their car.  She looks so innocent in this picture.

Also some days ago one of her zillion fan pages, posted a picture in which Kiddo Sara, looking all ‘nerdy’, wearing a frock, with glasses and braces on, hugging a friend. What looked like a picture from a party.

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