When we say that India is a clever nation we don’t state it only for saying it. We say it since we really mean it and in light of the fact that while looking over our Facebook newsfeed we unearth a few interesting pictures that have demonstrated us that Indians love to do everything in style. Approve, so we dove into a portion of the most interesting pictures from out gathering and made an arrangement of the best ones that portray the wacky and the bent comical inclination of the Indians. Look at..

Aunty loves porn.

Ta thaiya ta thaiya thaaa..

You won’t find anything there dude

Jugaad ki Rani.

Who cares!

Marriage Secrets Revealed

This is why they miss the hostel life

This is why they miss the hostel life

Selfie king.

Because it is always so hot in India.

My whole life has been a lie

WTF Is She Doing 

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