Here is how to know ,if your partner is trustworthy?

The foundation of any relationship rests on trust. How much trust your partner has in you, it can be known only by his/her behavior. If there is no mutual trust between the partners, then the relationship can not last long. At the same time, blindly trusting someone also proves to be fatal sometimes. Know that you are completely sacrificing for your partner while he is keeping you in the dark, he is increasing the love for someone else. Such things do not remain hidden. One day or the other, and when it happens, it is understandable, how trustworthy your partner is. Here is five important points to take notice about.

1. Sharing feelings.

If your partner shares any kind of feelings, whether good or bad, then you can understand that he is trustworthy. People who mostly keep quiet or talk only about work, they are not very trustworthy. Such people are often mean takers. Even in a romantic relationship, such people do not open much, but only mean physical intimacy with the partner.

2. Doesn’t hide anything.

If your partner does not hide anything from you and makes you his/her king/queen, then you can trust him. Many people talk necessarily. Many times, even after asking, they say that it is not about your work or knowing what you will do. Such people cannot be trusted. They can never become true partners in love. Such people build relationships after measuring a lot.

3. Being comfortable.

There is no formality in a love relationship. Many formalities have to be done between common acquaintances and friends, but this is not the case between partners. If your partner shows formality while talking or starts thinking before giving questions to your words, then understand that he is not attached to you from the heart.

4. Doesn’t bound you Too Much.

Trusted partners do not talk much about anything. They believe in each other. They don’t ask unnecessary questions. This is done by people who are suspicious. Such people themselves are wrong-thinkers, so they doubt their partner. Relationship with such people cannot last long.

5. Don’t interfere with your privacy.

Partners also have a privacy. People who interfere too much in his/her personal life are also not trustworthy. They are always concerned about where their partner is going, what are they doing, to whom they are talking, and how they are related to them. Many times, by asking about all these, they upset their partner. Such people actually feel insecure about the relationship.

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