We all know about the unfortunate love story of Raveena and Akshay who were once madly in love with each other. But many people still don’t know the real reason why they broke up and got married to someone else. We take you back to the time when the two were together and very happy with each other.


While they were shooting for the movie ‘Mohra’, their love reached another level and they decided to get married. During the last leg of shoot, Akshay Kumar told Raveena that they will get engaged secret in a temple. In an interview in the year 1999, Raveena also admitted publicly that she got engaged to Akshay. However, Akshay was scared that he will lose his female fans and Bollywood career if he announces that he is engaged. So he decided to keep it a secret and not reveal it to the public.

When the two were in relationship, Raveena got to hear about Akshay’s link up with other actresses like Shilpa Shetty and Rekha. This made her feel cheated and all her hopes got shattered.

In other interviews, Raveena told that she wanted a loyal partner and Akshay was not the one. When he got engaged to Raveena, he also got engaged to two other girls. In an interview, Raveena said that Akshay proposes to every other girl he meets. She also cleared that she does not blame any woman for her breakup as Akshay himself was not loyal to her.

There relationship ended on a sad note. However, the two are now happily married to their partners

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