Our mouth represents enjoyment, material desire, opposite-sex relationship, friendship, love relationship, language reliability, tolerance, and so on. Mouth shape varies greatly and the shape, size, thickness and color of mouth indicate one’s destiny and health. In face reading, it indicates a person’s luck between 55 to 65 years old.

A good mouth should be regular, moist and angular; big when opened and small when closed; lips with red color and thick; corners are upturned. If you own this kind of mouth, you’ll be very lucky between the age of 56 and 60.

According to Size

Big Mouth: People of big mouth are vigorous and broad-minded, and they can take care of others sincerely and enjoy good health. Also, they are talented in winning over the masses and quite active in society, belonging to the industrialists who can accumulate wealth. In terms of love, they are charming, good at showing off and getting the lover’s heart. The big and converged mouth symbolizes the good destiny in physiognomy while the big mouth cannot be closed indicates the poor destiny.

Small Mouth: People of small mouth boast conservative thought and negative action and they lack of independence and cannot give full play to their talents. In addition, they are narrow-minded and timid. When it comes to love, they behave timidly and often fail to express their inner thoughts even if they are loved by someone.

According to Shape

Upturned Mouth Corners: People with upturned mouth corners are optimistic, positive, popular with others and quite motivated, thus live in comfort for the whole life.

Downturned Mouth Corners: Those who have downturned (drooping) mouth corners are proud, upright and a little stubborn. They take a tough stance, never compromise easily and sometimes tend to be overly principled. Also, they are hard-working and brave enough to face challenges and dilemmas. This kind of mouth suggests the troubled marriage. In general, people with closed lips and drooping corners are passive, pessimistic, good at sarcasm, opinionated and complaining rather than grateful.