Narendra Modi’s British counterpart, David Cameron who is in India to attend Hindustan Times Leadership Summit addressed the audiences today in Delhi and talked about the change India needs. In his gripping speech, Cameron also talked about the common love for Cricket which both the countries share. Cracking a joke he said he wants to kidnap Sachin Tendulkar to train the England team. “Given the way the Test series (between the two countries) is going… we need to kidnap him (Tendulkar)… for training”, he said while referring to the ongoing 5 match test series between India-England where India is leading with 2-0.


Being his humorous best, he also shared three light life tips. “Never play golf with US President Barrack Obama, you can never win. Don’t ever go to a party with Silvio Berlusconi (controversial former Italian PM). Don’t appear on a platform in front of 60,000 people with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi because you will never “compete with his rhetoric” and ability to connect with the people”.

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