Are you one of the people who are prone to stomach infections? Or do heart issue continuously bother you? You will be surprised to know that these health issues have lots to do with the month in which you were born.

Researchers from Spain have found out that the birth month of an individual is linked to the chronic diseases that he/she later suffers from in life. The researchers studied the patterns of the birth month of 30,000 participants and the risk of 27 chronic diseases to reach this conclusion.

The scientists, however, have not been able to explain the connection between the two. It is possible that seasonal variations in daylight and sunshine impact the health of babies at critical stages during their development. This also explains why September born kids are healthier than the other children- they absorb all the summer sun and Vitamin D, while in the womb.

Here is a list of diseases that you will be prone to, according to the month in which you were born. Have a look:


  1. January :

Men born in this month are likely to suffer from constipation and low back pain, while women are at increased risks of migraine, menopause issues and heart attacks.


  1. February:

Thyroid issues and heart conditions are likely to trouble men, while thyroid issues and blood clots affect February-born women.


  1. March

March born boys are at increased risks of cataract and asthma, while women should beware arthritis, constipation and rheumatism.


  1. April:

Chronic health issues like asthma and thyroid issues trouble men at later stages of their lives and women have to face tumours and bronchitis.


  1. May:

Depression, asthma and diabetes are likely to develop in men, while allergies and constipation may develop in women.


  1. June:

Men born in June should look out for heart conditions and cataract, while woman are at increased risk of arthritis and rheumatism.


  1. July:

Men born in July are likely to suffer from tumours and asthma later in life. Neck pains and asthma will most likely trouble women.


  1. August:

Men born in August are likely to suffer from thyroid issues and asthma. August born women are prone to blood clots and rheumatism.


  1. September:

Thyroid issues and osteoporosis are likely to affect both men and women born in September.


  1. October:

October born men will have to face thyroid issues and migraines and women will have to fight high cholesterol and anaemia.


  1. November:

Chronic skin issues and osteoporosis affect November born men, while diseases like constipation and heart attack are common in women.


  1. December:

Men born in this month are most likely to suffer from cataract and depression, while women will have to combat bronchitis and asthma.


Now that you know, adopt the right kind of exercise and fitness regime; so that you can keep diseases at bay and lead a healthy and active life.



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