Akshay Kumar aka Khiladi Kumar is one of the biggest superstars of our times. But not much has been written about his sister, Alka Bhatia. In fact, very few people are aware of the fact that Akshay even has a sister. All hail to Alka’s shy nature that she likes to stay away from the media glare and showbiz. A natural beauty, blessed with gorgeous and sharp features, Alka is no lesser than her Bhabhi Twinkle Khanna when it comes to looks
Have a look at some unseen pictures of this flawless beauty.

Isn’t she a sheer blend of elegance and beauty?

Well, as promised, here are some interesting details about her personal life.

Some celebs prefer limelight, much lesser than others. And Alka Bhatia is surely one of them. Her name got into publicity she and her beau Surendra Hiranandani started making public appearance. He is a big business tycoon and the co-founder & Managing Director of well-known construction company, Hiranandani group.

After seeing each other for quite a time, the couple kept open their desire to marry each other. Rumours were abuzz that Akshay was not at all happy with this decision because of the huge gap between the two. Let us tell you, Alka is 15 years younger than Surendra Hiranandani. However, Akshay and family finally gave their consent and actively participated in the marriage rituals after being reluctant for a while. Looks like, he finally had to bow down to his sister’s wishes.

PS: Alka was 40 years old when she got hitched to 55 years old Surendra Hiranandani.

She also tried her hands on films and co-produced ‘Fugly’ which got a mixed response from the critics but a cold one on the box office.

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