Here’s The List Of World’s Most Admired Men 2018: What Rank Did Modi Get??

The prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi has become one of the most admired men in India. People love to listen to him and follow every speech that he gives. He is not just admired but also praised for his oratory skills. Whether it is his speeches in India or the one he gave on Canada, he has been able to sway people with his words.

We have the list of the most admired men in the world and you would definitely want to see what rank Mr Modi has gained on the list. Have a look at the list to see got yourself.

1) Bill Gates


2) Barack Obama


3) Jackie Chan


4) Xi Jinping


5) Jack Ma


6) Vladimir Putin


7) Dalai Lama 


8) Narendra Modi


9) Amitabh Bachchan


10) Christiano Ronaldo


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