Palm lines reveal a lot about person’s personality. Yes you heard it right! It can tell you important aspect of your personality through studying the size, shape of the hands.

Major lines
The palm of the hand contains three major lines which includes, the life line, heart lines and head line.

This lines begin with index fingers abd the thumb. The heart lines reveal information about person’s love life and it’s also consider as an heart health. The head lines known as wisdom line which reveals about mental state, intuitive abilities and intellect.

The life line on the palm reveals the most important thing, the line begins with the index finger and thumb and continues downward toward the base of the thumb and connection to the wrist. This line reveals important information about your life experiences, emotional as well as physical health.


If you have long and deep line it means that you have good health and strength. You are well-balanced person.
If you have short and deep line indicates that you have the capability to overcome any challenges.
If you have deep lines revealed that you will not face so much obstacles in your path.
Faint line says that you don’t have so much stamina and won’t face too many adventuresin your life.
Broken lines symbolizes a little break in your life it means you will suffer a illness, interruptions but you will recover quickly.
Chained line- it indicates that you will face physical and emotional health issues.
If you have a double or triple lines it means that you have positive influences in life and possess a great energy.
Absent line:if you don’t have this line in your palm it means you don’tknow how to relax.
Branched line: If you have a upward branch it means that you will achieve a great success in your life and if you have downward branch it means that your have some lack in all areas of life, including the energy levels.

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