Dear best friend,

“How would have I ever survived without you?”- This question often hooks me up whenever I recall all the times we have spent together. Silly things like spending entire day at each other’s place wasted in viewing Facebook profiles of random people in mutual friends’ id’s would have never been amusing at all with anyone else. From partying hard to lending each other’s clothes to being a hardcore family member, we have done it all. But please know, I love you so damn much to be expressed in words.

pexels-photo-58592I love it that you get a little, errrr, so much jealous for the fact that I now spend most of the time with my boyfriend. But I am sure, had he been a wrong guy for me, you would have already bashed him up (with words at least).  That’s what best friends are for, no? So yeah, I know, somewhere down the line, apart from being jealous you are happy for me too. But come on, how can I ever love him more than you? Take this confusion off your mind and please know here’s why you will always be more special than ‘him’.

You happily enjoy my not-so-melodious songs: Unmelodious people like me do not sing in front anyone or everyone. But with you, I can sing in worst of my voice and produce real weird noises without worrying a bit about being judged. You always give me such happy moments. :’)


You clean-up my after-party pukes: How can I ever thank you for this? Rather than disowning me and making me feel embarrassed, you readily clean up all the mess and never crib about it. Now that is why drink sessions with anyone else can never be this comforting.

You are my relationship counsellor: It is you whom I come running to after major fights with you my boyfriend. You listen to all my relationship shit and my side of the story with all ears. An ear is all we need at times and you never fail to provide me that.

My mom loves you: The very fact that even my mother loves you, make me love you even more. J

You laugh at all my lame jokes: While my boyfriend struggles hard to bear my PJs, you effortlessly understand and laugh at my lame humour. Wohoooo.

I can message you my random feelings at 3 am without any embarrassment: And when you wake up to those long messages, you never exaggerate it but comfort me with the best way possible.

You are the perfect partner in crime:  From stalking a guy in colony to every other goof-up we have done together, you have always been the best partner and will always be.

You are my ultimate make-up aid: For a naive person like me who doesn’t even understand ABC of make-up, you are a blessing in disguise.

You bring me back from the wrong paths: Of course you have spoilt me from the cores but just like an ideal elder, you shamelessly show me the mirror and bring me back from the wrong paths.

You cook food for me: My boyfriend may take me to the expensive restaurants but you, you always delight me when you cook my favourite dishes.

Now do you think, he can ever take your place?  Love you to the moon and back. :*


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