Here’s Why Rahul Confidently Chose Joint Life Cover with Online Term Plan

Rahul and Sanjana – Building blocks of a happy family

Rahul and Sanjana have been in a happy marital union for five years now. Their adorable kids Nandini and Karan fill up the house with happiness by their mischievous antics and the household is made complete with Rahul’s elderly parents’ guiding presence.

Rahul is a dependable son, a loving father and a responsible husband, who earns well to provide for his family and takes care of them. With Rahul being the bread earner and provider, and Sanjana being the ideal homemaker, they strike the right balance among their duties and have strived to build a happy, fulfilling life.

Sanjana – Rahul’s true companion in every sense of the word

It is Sanjana who is the backbone of her household and without her taking on multiple roles as effectively as she does, everything would fall apart. She acts as a perfect companion to Rahul, takes care of his parents like her own, networks and manages their numerous relatives, attends all the functions he cannot, and most importantly, she raises their kids admirably.

If it weren’t for Sanjana, Rahul would have easily crumbled under all the responsibilities that she shares with him to ease his burden and makes sure he lives a stress-free life. Rahul has always considered himself extremely lucky to find a collaborative and loving life partner like Sanjana.



Rahul’s concern to get Sanjana a Life Cover

Although Rahul and Sanjana have been running their household successfully with mutual support and understanding, Rahul has always had but one qualm with life that he hasn’t been able to find a suitable online life insurance policy cover for Sanjana.

It isn’t as if he didn’t try to get her covered but being a homemaker Sanjana didn’t have a definite income to show in her account which the insurers asked for, to stipulate the size of the life cover. This bewildering roadblock had kept Sanjana from being insured until now and it worried Rahul into thinking what would happen in case an unfortunate event was to occur.

There are innumerable stories like theirs

Rahul and Sanjana are not alone in their endeavour and the situation is relatable for so many families like them who can’t seem to get the most important pillar of their family a suitable online life insurance policy. It seems utterly unfair for the homemaker to be denied life cover even though her contribution is no less than the bread earner of the family just because she doesn’t get a salary for all the work that she does round the clock, tirelessly.

The contribution of a homemaker is immense

The daily contribution of a homemaker is wrongly taken for granted sometimes by her family members and others in general. It is a grave mistake that people make. The services of a homemaker could earn her a considerable wage if she were to take her skills to the market.

In fact, homemakers like Sanjana contribute a lot more to the household in addition to the tasks they perform, and no amount of money can fill her shoes. They are the glue that binds the household together with love, compassion, and sheer hard work.

Every homemaker deserves a Term Life Cover

Right from house cleaning, cooking, taking care of parents and children, doing laundry, to striking balance between all her responsibilities and holding the household together, a homemaker’s contribution is immense, and she rightfully deserves to be insured with life cover.

A life insurance would be an important step towards making sure her future is secure from unforeseen circumstances and it’d go a long way to empower her financially.

A Joint Life Insurance solution that covers you and your spouse

PNB MetLife’s Joint Life Insurance came as a ray of hope and brought the perfect solution for Rahul and Sanjana by offering to cover not only Rahul but Sanjana as well. The plan not only gives joint life benefit to Sanjana but also ensures a financially independent future for her in case of contingencies.

It is essentially a way to make sure Rahul and Sanjana have the best of everything that life has to offer and to empower them to live up to their dreams. The online life insurance policy makes it extremely convenient and that’s one of the major reasons why Rahul chose it confidently.

Free yourself from worries and give wings to your dreams

For everyone out there looking for a serious life cover for the better half of their lives, joint life insurance is the ideal online life insurance policy that takes care of them, their spouse and their family by providing them a future, free from financial worries and giving wings to their dreams.

This Women’s Day, empower the most important woman in your life. Give her the gift of life-long security – Get her insured!




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