Here’s Why The Hashtag #fabindiaboycott Is Trending On Twitter- All You Need To Know!

India appears to have turned into a nation where every conceivable thing is turning into a subject of discussion. With Diwali around the bend, numerous way of life and design brands have thought of Diwali’s extraordinary missions and one such mission has now landed, local name FabIndia.

Netizens have gotten down on FabIndia for endeavoring to mix religion and hurt opinions by forcing a ‘mainstream’ card on the Hindu celebration of Diwali.

The debate started when a tweet by the brand, featured their most recent merry assortment called ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’. The assortment was focused on Diwali merry wear yet utilization of Urdu words made tweeple question the brand’s sensibilities.

FabIndia tweeted the assortment on October 9, with a post that read, “As we invite the celebration of affection and light, Jashn-e-Riwaaz, by FabIndia is an assortment that wonderfully honors Indian culture… “. The post included people decorating bubbly, Indian ethnic attire in a lively shade of red.

The tweet was after much ruckus via online media that blamed FabIndia for ‘harming the Hindu celebration of Diwali’. Here are some tweets:

In a matter of moments, the hashtag #BoycottFabIndia began to drift on Twitter, with clients requesting a prompt blacklist of the brand.

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“We at Fabindia have consistently represented the festival of India with its horde customs in all shades. Truth be told ‘Fabindia – Celebrate India’ is our slogan and a wordmark. Our present case of items under the name Jashn-e-Riwaaz is a festival of Indian practices. The expression implies that, in a real sense,” the organization said.

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