This one word is all it takes to bring to life every woman’s worst nightmare because age is not always just a number; it comes with fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and a whole host of aging-related issues. And what makes it worse is that the stressful and polluted environment of today only seems to accelerate the ageing process!

A couple of hard facts first – time and aging do not stop for anyone. Science has not yet found the secret to everlasting youth. However, since our face is the first impression we give to the world, and sagging skin and wrinkles reveal age in an instant, this article will focus on how to hide age from your visage without looking like a plastic doll.

Anti-ageing products are a dime a dozen in the cosmetics world. There’s always a new cream, serum or oil out there promising to diminish our laugh lines and crow’s feet and leave us with the firm, youthful-looking skin. However, the secret to a younger-looking visage might not be about products at all!

Well, the secret and the fountain of facial youth can be found in face yoga. Face yoga can tighten and tone your facial skin through controlled movements. It also promotes the production of collagen, giving you a perky, youthful look. This non-invasive natural method will drop years from your face without pain. So, girls let’s go for it.

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Face yoga is even loved by celebrities, who claim that face exercises make their cheekbones and jawlines more sculpted. So how, exactly, do the facial exercises work?

Your face is the only area that doesn’t really get a good workout. There’s actually a lot of muscles underneath the skin and you need to work out the muscles in order to keep it toned and sculpted.

The goal of facial exercises is to strengthen the underlying muscles in the face. Besides, it’s definitely a great option for people who don’t want to have anything injected in their face.

Bonus points are that face yoga is not toxic, it’s not expensive, it’s free, you can do it yourself. What more could you ask for?

A series of exercises performed for a duration of 20 minutes, six days a week, will quickly begin to show positive results. You can perform these exercises at home every morning as soon as you wake up. How do the exercises work?

  • The exercises work the skin’s upper, middle and lower layers
  • They lift sagging skin
  • Tone underlying muscles
  • Help reduce wrinkles
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Bring a healthy glow
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Restore skin’s elasticity
  • Result in tighter, smoother skin


Best anti-ageing facial exercises

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Chewing gum
Proven as one of the most effective ways to fight ageing effects, chewing gum can actually be a way to enhance your facial features. When chewing gum, you tend to move your cheeks in a particular pattern, resulting in a facial exercise that helps to curb ageing effects! Yeah, but just don’t overdo it – as they say, all excess is evil.

Chubby-cheeked face
For this, you need to sit or stand straight, inhale deeply, blow your cheeks out and hold the air inside. Then transfer the air from one cheek to the other and hold for as long as possible before you expel the breath in a controlled movement. Repeat eight or 10 times.

” Whoa, what was that ?” face
One of the simplest exercises that one can perform anywhere is the “getting surprised” act. All you have to do is to make an OMG! facial expression without creating wrinkles on your forehead. You should expand your cheeks, open your mouth and widen your eyes. Repeat about 10 times. If someone catches you doing this exercise, well, act surprised.

Giraffe face
Whether you’re sitting or standing, look up and stretch your neck. And while your head is tilted back, try to push your tongue against the top of your mouth. Hold the stretch for 25 seconds. Return to the first position and repeat the movement. This is one of the best facial exercises for anti-ageing that tones the chin and neck region.

Angry bird face
Press your index fingers against the outer corners of your eyebrows. Simultaneously, place both your middle fingers against the inner corners. Apply pressure with the fingers and bring your eyebrows down, thereby making a frown. Take away your fingers and squint your eyes. Hold for two seconds, and then relax. Repeat the movement eight times. This exercise helps with droopy eyelids, crow’s feet and puffy eyes.

Funny face
For this exercise, you obviously need to smile as widely as you can with your lips closed. Then wrinkle your nose and pucker your lips. Pull your chin down with your fingers while your mouth remains closed. Repeat the smile and pucker, holding each expression for five seconds. Continue to make clown faces 10 times in a row. It’s your natural face-lift. The clown face corrects sagging skin and laugh lines.

So, now that you know the drill, keep your face in shape

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