As we know that social media has taken over the world with its charm. That’s the reason why most of the marketing teams of big brands are taking social media optimisation services to optimise their websites for these social media and reach a wider audience. The interaction that brands have with their clients is mostly professional where brands seek to solve customer queries. Sometimes, it’s not just problem solving but something much more. These interactions can certainly offer you the ultimate trolling and laughing experience.

Let’s look at some of the best twitter exchanges between brands and customers.

  1. This dude who was clearly too high to eat a god damn pizza.
  1. This is getting too literal.
  1. If you were wondering what Hulk Hogan is doing these days.
  1. Royal Mail breaking a poor guy’s spirit on the valentines day.
  1. Maybe because you spend a lot of fucking time on X-box.
  1. Don’t ask what Axe deodorant has in it.
  1. Flipkart should deliver him one with all sewed ends.
  1. This is just true, even I faced this.
  1. Google Maps giving cheap thrills to this guy.
  1. And, this self-obsessed Ola driver.
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