Himansh Kohli Says, “Stars Are Idealistic For The Glamour & A Rockstar Lifestyle While Actors Are Admired For Their Acting”

Actor Himansh Kohli will be soon seen in Kamal Chandra’s film ‘Boondi Raita’ which also stars Sonnalli Seygall and Ravi Kishan among others. He is best known for his roles in movies like Yaariyan, Ranchi Diaries and Boondi Raita. He debuted as a Television artist but makes him count as one of the best actors in Bollywood. In his latest conversation, the actor speaks about nepotism culture, Stardom, expectations and more…..

He was asked about the constantly evolving artist but few turned into Stars. The actor said, “Stars are idealistic for the glamour world and a rockstar lifestyle and actors are admired for their acting. Most of the time overlap between the two, but I think good work will always have an edge over stardom. But, stardom works eagerly at the box office, of course in a quite positive way.” While talking about the strong competition everywhere Himansh believes that the right opportunity will find the right person.

When he was asked that nowadays, we have many platforms like OTT, TV, music videos print media etc. But do these satisfy the actor’s aspirations? Himansh replies, “It’s a change we all have to accept. Your value is judged by the choice of your project. So, you can work on OTT, Print, TV, web or music videos, you should match the role offered. My aspirations are affected anyway, it’s just how others look at it. I believe that these new platforms have a wide range of opportunities and it’s a boon for the industry as well as for the artist.”

While discussing the ongoing debate on nepotism culture and Star kids, the actor revealed that connections are a must in the industry. He continued, “References and connections are everything in every industry, it’s nothing new to the world,” says Himansh. “But all the work is managerial work, coordination, etc is done by the managers, at least in my scope. But you can make till the audition with a reference, but selected on your skill and relevance to the role.”

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