Rumored lovers Himansh Kohli & Neha Kakkar never leave any way for us to believe that the rumour is true. After the couple celebrated Valentine’s Week together, rumours of them dating started doing the rounds and are growing with ever passing day. In a recent post, actor Himansh Kohli took to Instagram and shared a heart felt note to apologise to the singer after what appears to be a recent fight. He posted an adorable picture of the two and captioned it, “Im sorry for Behaving Rude the other day.. But our bond is not that weak that a silly thing will spoil our relationship.. Nehu You’re My Strength, My Angel.. If You only wouldn’t understand me who else will? Anyway.. All i know is that I Love You and Always will! My Bestie.” Here’s the post:

Neha quickly accepted his apology and responded “I’m sorry, He-Man, I shouldn’t have reacted this way but when you love someone so bad, you can’t see them behaving rude with you. Sorry, love you too”. Neha wasn’t the only one who responded. Badshah too commented on the post saying “aar lado mat. Tum dono hi udaas ache nai lagte”.

A few days back, Neha took to her Instagram to share the disappointment with her best friend and wrote “I gave you my everything! Love, care, time, happiness, respect, skills, knowledge, positivity, I shared my people, my contacts, my fans even my hard-earned fame with you and in return you forgot everything in seconds which gave me a hard time, this made me cry many times when where I shouldn’t have but now this is my reply to you. Good Bye!! God Bless!!”. However, Neha has now deleted the post.

In an interview with a leading web portal, Himansh talked about how their ‘jodi is working’ and said, “She is a very, very dear friend to me. We have been working together for quite a long time now. Our first association was with the song Sunny Sunny, maybe some people started talking about us since then.” He further added, “We are strictly best friends! It is very good to hear from people such good comments about us and about our chemistry. People are liking us together. Jodi is working.”

All the #Nehansh fans are now extremely happy with the news that all is well between their favourite couple, Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli. We wish them all the very best!


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