Hina Khan called ‘cheap’ ‘shameless’ ‘chalu’ after she posts a new picture of her Instagram

By admin

January 23, 2018

Hina made her way to the top finalists of Bigg Boss season 11 but sadly lost to Shilpa Shinde. Her journey inside the Bigg Boss house was controversial and filled with lots of drama. While she was in the Bigg Boss house, she made a mark by performing well in every task. But also, she did hog limelight for passing demeaning comments on her co-contestants on the show and her colleagues from the television industry.

Hina Khan is making news ever since she participated in Bigg Boss season 11 and now that the season is over, she is still in news all over. This time, she shared a picture of her new soft toy on her Instagram handle and she captioned it, ‘A lil yellow,a lil blue but u are my best POOH..Look who’s back!!! Thank you @rockyj1 I LOVE U RO’. However, it came out to be disastrous as people started abusing her in the comments section.

All those who followed the Bigg Boss show religiously know that during a task inside the house had to destroy her favorite soft toy Pooh. She was emotionally attached to this toy and had a breakdown when she had to give her toy away. But recently her boyfriend Rocky gifted a soft toy and she shared a picture of it on her Instagram handle. What came next was surely what she wasn’t expecting.

Have a look at the comments people posted on the picture: