In the wake of the Coronavirus lockdown, media outlets had ground to a halt for an astounding three months. During this stage, we went over different TV on-screen characters and colleagues approaching and sharing their experiences of experiencing extreme monetary issues in view of the non-installment of levy. In light of this, a dash of celebs raised their voices and bolstered individuals out of luck. Presently, hopping onto the temporary fad is entertainer Hina Khan, who pummeled makers for not satisfying their obligation. She, indeed, communicated compassion and proposed them to pay in any event a large portion of the sum, particularly in such extreme occasions.

The actor told Pinkvilla, “This is absolutely bizarre that such things are happening. I know there is this one show where the cast and crew are reaching out for help, it is so sad. The producers should at least give them half the payment, I understand that even they are in crisis but then they were the ones to take the risk, we are not the risk-takers. For me, a producer has found me, it is their duty to deliver the remuneration they have signed me for and it is my duty to deliver in my performance and the working hours. If I have delivered my part, they need to deliver their part.”

She further added, “If tomorrow that show would have been doing extremely well, it is not like they would have given the share of profits with actors, then how can they expect them to wait for this long? I understand the crisis, but when you take the risk of becoming a producer, you have to have your risks calculated, you have to keep an amount separately in case things don’t work out. But they don’t do it. Why can’t they calculate their risk? Turning a producer is a huge responsibility and they need to pay their dues.”

Elsewhere in the world, Hina Khan, who is very dynamic on social media nowadays, took to her YouTube channel and shared a video of her applying her DIY excellence neem veil to her dad. All things considered, she’s making some celebration memories home this lockdown!