There can never be two winners in a game. While one loses it, the other one wins it. And that’s exactly what happened in the popular reality show, Bigg Boss 11 when Shilpa Shinde’s win over Hina Khan was declared on Sunday.

After a lot of controversies, allegations and fights, the controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 11 finally came to an end, with Shilpa Shinde crowned as the winner of the show. Though the viewers were not sure as to who will win between the two leading ladies of Indian television — Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai-fame Hina Khan and Bhabiji Ghar Pe Hai star Shilpa Shinde, but Shilpa was quite confident that she would take away the trophy. After being declared as the winner of the show, while talking to an esteemed daily, Shilpa Shinde revealed that she wouldn’t want to meet Hina Khan ever again.

While this statement of hers didn’t surprise many of us, but it certainly did surprise Hina Khan. And since there were a lot of allegations on Hina Khan for making some shocking statements and hate comments on several celebrities, she finally had to come out in open to justify her part.

In the most recent interview with a leading web portal, Hina Khan spoke her heart out. When she was asked about how she felt after coming out of the Bigg Boss house, she expressed, “I am so tired. Actually, I am zoned out. Three-and-half months locked inside. It’s not easy, man. Abhi bhi main check kar rahi hoon if the mic on me is in proper position but there is no mic (laughs), bhool jaati hoon that I am back to where I belonged.”

On being told that Shilpa mentioned openly in an interview that she doesn’t want to meet Hina ever and that she was the meanest inside the house, Hina said, “Is it? Well, that’s her point of view. We all have freedom of speech and expression, don’t we? Nothing at my end against her. Frankly, I would be ready to even work with her.”

Further on being questioned if she was surprised to know what Shilpa said, she revealed, “Not at all. For me, Bigg Boss 11 is over. I often said in the house that the day I walk out, I will not retain the show in my system. You see, everyone needs to understand the format of the show. Too much of diplomacy, too much bitching, too many harsh statements,too many fights…. but isn’t that’s what the show is all about? It was a game show, everyone was playing a game- and it shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

Later, when she was asked to clarify if she called Sakshi Tanwar squint-eyed, she said, “Neither did I say it, nor did I mean it. Sakshi is one of the finest actors we have. If one sees the video carefully, in fact I was the one who said: Don’t say that.”

Hina also clarified about her over-hyped comment on Bulging Heroines in the South industry and expressed that she was only talking about her personal experience and that she still respects the South industry.

Other than this, she also went ahead to clear about her call girl/chawl girl comment about Shilpa, and mentioned, “That word ‘call girl’ is a very heavy word. I respect everyone’s work and I would never pass any derogatory remark like that.”

The ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ actress also revealed that she did not comment anything about Hiten’s marriage. she said, “I never spoke about his marriage. It so happened that one day, he was telling his love story with Gauri Pradhan to us.  Now, we all know Gauri is so beautiful and we even said that there. I just added on jokingly: Usko tu kaise mil gaya? Isn’t that something we all say in jest? Aur us baat ka bhi issue ban gaya, uff!

Speaking about her dig on Shilpa for using tap water while cooking, she told, “Now, Lonavla gets muddy water in taps, and sabhi ka stomach upset ho raha tha. Initially I thought that something was wrong with my system, but later realised that the tap water was doing the trick. So, I told her yeah. Did I do anything wrong?” She further added, “We had a water purifier and shouldn’t she have used that from the word ‘Go’? Shilpa’s stomach did not get upset, maybe it is very strong.”

Lastly, on being asked about her reason for refusing to shoot for Entertainment Ki Raat, Hina said, “Aap chahte kya ho? I will get back to work when I feel like na? I just can’t shoot for the heck of it. My mom got so emotional seeing me after such a long time, and for Pete’s sake, I wanted to spend time with her, soon after I was out— aur isliye mainne Entertainment Ki Raat ke liye shoot nahin kiya.”

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