Hina Khan is undoubtedly one of the most popular actresses of the telly-town. Be it her honest revelations in the Bigg Boss house or her sassy comebacks Hina Khan is unapologetically herself. With her stunning looks and commendable acting skills, Hina has carved a niche for herself. Hina Khan has achieved great success over the years. She also made her first ever appearance in Cannes and had garnered applause from fans.

In an interview with SpotBoye Hina had revealed the secret behind her drool-worthy curves her diet and beauty hacks. Talking about how she has turned into a fitness freak in a few months she had said, “In just a matter of a couple of years, I have become what you may say a fitness freak. When I have a lighter week work-wise, I usually go to the gym every day and when I am shooting back-to-back or travelling, I at least try to reach the door of the gym 3-4 times a week”.

Hina also stressed on the fact that diet is a major part of your workout. She said, “Of course, diet is a major part of the way you wanna work your body and reach a certain goal. I mainly rely on protein-based diet and anyway I don’t eat a lot so it helps my already fast metabolism. But yes, we too have cheat days as Indians can’t live without the yumminess that our cuisine has to offer.”

She had further stated how she maintains a strict diet and religious workout regime. She was quoted as saying, “I make it a point to work out 6 days a week for 1 hour at least. My main workout regime includes a mix of weight training, functional training, kickboxing as well as TRX exercises, for the upper body which targets the back, abs, shoulders, and biceps. I am mainly into hardcore weight training, functional fitness, core strengthening, kickboxing which is a great form of keeping fit according to me, as well as increasing your energy levels, and callisthenics as well which is a type of body weight training. Also, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) & TRX. I focus on always giving special importance to my posture which is very important”.

She had further added, “My mornings start with a glass of lukewarm water with a bit of lemon in it, which makes for an awesome body detox. Post which I have a wholesome breakfast consisting of a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice, 2 bananas, corn flakes and alternately a cheese omelette. My diet mainly consists of low carbs and high proteins, which I strictly follow! And only Sunday lunch is a cheat meal for me where I eat anything and everything I like, depending on my mood and craving.  I love outdoor exercising too, and I indulge in some swimming, running or jogging and yoga as well, as and when I want a break from the regular exercise routine I follow”.

She even revealed some beauty hacks that she swears by and said, “I feel that whatever we eat shows on our face. Our face is the mirror of our internal system. I drink lots of water, at least 12 glasses a day. It helps me clear my system which reflects on my skin. I also drink coconut water twice a day. A bowl of curd is also a must. I also have one amla a day to detoxify my system and retain the glow on my face. I eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, but I don’t overeat. Moderation is the key to a healthy body and when you have a healthy body there is a glow on your skin. I prefer home remedies like applying fresh tomato face pack, as it refreshes my skin. I also put malai on my face sometimes and also take steam to soften my skin. A mixture of dried orange rind and milk is great for exfoliating the skin. I also use milk and rose water on my skin to keep it supple. For my over-night homemade spa treatments for hair, I use a mixture of egg and yoghurt. For an extra dose of shine, I combine lemon juice with buckwheat water and rinse it after shampooing. I use a warm towel to wrap it around my head to steam the scalp as it encourages blood flow in the area. I never let even a drop of conditioner touch the scalp”.

Hina is popularly known as the fashionista of the telly town also shared, “Fashion as a term is quite elaborate & does mean different things to different people but most importantly it should stand for who you are & resonate with your personality. Fashion played a great deal in my shaping my career. I was clad in sarees, heavy jewellery for 8 long years & aged on screen from being a daughter to a wife & also a mother. People would often tell me back then that I could pick to play a bahu in other shows as well as I did a good job with the first one & that was my biggest challenge to let people know the real Hina Khan”.

She had further added, “Though a salwar kameez or a short skirt doesn’t define me fashion did help change people’s perception about me. I started to wear my heart on my sleeve & dress as per my mood & would often experiment & in no time I was not known as the character I played but as Hina, so fashion is an integral part of my life. Youngsters these days are active on social media pretty early on & look up to us actors for style inspiration, my only message to them would be, what you like on someone else may not necessarily look good on you so don’t blindly follow, pick a style that brings out your attitude & mood & is also comfortable”.

We hope this helps you to improve your diet and encourage you to hit the gym regularly.



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