Hina Khan recently lost the Bigg Boss 11 winner title to co-contestant Shilpa Shinde. Hina, who rose to fame with her only show ‘Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ has a huge fan base all across the nation. However, still, she couldn’t manage to win the show. Inside the Bigg Boss house, she was one of the most controversial contestants.

Many a times on the show, we got to see her complaining about something or other, passing demeaning comments on her co-contestants or making big issues out of nothing. In short, her journey inside the Bigg Boss house had elements of a typical drama show on television. She managed to grab a lot of limelight because of the same reasons. On the outside, we saw a lot of haters slamming Hina for being manipulative and selfish inside the house. Many of her colleagues from the television industry also slammed her for acting fake. Karan Patel, who is a well-known face of the television industry came inside the Bigg Boss house once during a task and told her that she always passes mean comments on something or the other and then acts as if she never ever said so.

Looks like Hina has taken this as her habit. After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, during an interactive session, when Hina was asked how she has lost so much weight. She said, “There is no secret. Bigg Boss ke ghar mein khaana bahot limited milta hai (There was limited food in the Bigg Boss house) . Everyone in the house used to say I eat the least. So that also can be one of the reasons. Waise bhi main bahot kam khaati hoon (I anyway eat less). Bahot limited khaana milta hai, limited banta hai. Aap 2-3 chapati hi kha sakte hai aap kyunki poor hafta aapko chalana padta hai. wo bhi ek reason tha. (There used to be limited food cooked in the house. One can eat only 2-3 chapatis as they have to survive with whatever given for a week). Anyways I eat less. Thoda conscious ho gayi andar jaake. (I had become a little conscious). I didn’t eat junk and all. Waise bhi junk waha milta bhi nahi hai but kabhi kabaar pizza ya kuch bhi aa jate the toh I was not really interested. (Even if there was any junk food like pizza, I was never interested). I never had problem with food in the Bigg Boss house. Honestly, I was cool.”

Well, all those who followed the show know that Hina did a lot of drama when it came to food inside the Bigg Boss house. There were times when she had a lot of fights with Shilpa over food. In fact, there was a day when she broke down after Shilpa forgot to boil her egg.

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