“..#HinaKhan such a shameless n disgusting girl …” Hina’s fans go crazy after she fights with Shilpa over a parantha, See Tweets

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November 28, 2017

Now it is about Hina Khan all over. When she entered the house, she talked about honesty, fair play and taking a stand for the right stuff. Well, all what she is doing inside the house post that is proving to be contradictory! Recently we got to see Hina Khan getting into an argument with co-contestant Shilpa Shinde over a paratha.

She was seen saying that it was her paratha and she could do anything with it. Shilpa in return told her that she didn’t have a parantha last night and Hina wasted it. Later, when Puneesh threw Akash Dadlani’s egg during a fight, Hina was seen slamming him for wasting food. She called it ‘ann ka apmaan’ and people are getting furious to see her act like this.

A twitterati had a hate post for Hina Khan where she proved her to be wrong and manipulative. The video along with her tweet proves the fact that Hina is playing ugly inside the house. Her tweet read: Kruti💥 @RealKruti101 #Hina never disrespects food ‘Ann’. She is strongly against wastage of food. She has a strong character. She never contradicts to anything she says!

Watch this video😂

  Share with blind #Hina fans😂#BB11 #BIGGBOSS11    #HinaKhan Right from lying on the show to passing mean comments on co-contestants, she has done everything and still she calls herself as someone who always does right things on the show. People retweeted this tweet and shared their thoughts on Hina.

Here are some more tweets:

Liar @eyehinakhan should also eat some makeup to fix her internal imperfections or rather ugliness. Double-faced joker wastes food herself and goes after Punish when he does the same in a fight. Hardly watch Bigg Boss but whatever I’ve seen, Shilpa Shinde is a clear winner. Shilpa : u didn’t have paratha could have told me , I didn’t have my food

Hina : sorry shilpa, I didn’t notice it

Baat Katam but she is egoistic

“My paratha will do whatever I want to do

Agree,She has no shame left in her, #HinaKhan such a shameless n disgusting girl which I had ever seen till now #BB11 Hina is so insecure and was screaming without understanding point that someone slept without having food. Instead of apologising giving gyaan 👎🏻#BB11 Never seen such a big hypocrite and liar in my life#HinaKhan #BB11 #BiggBoss11 #SHILPASHINDE deserves some respect for cooking for so many ungrateful ppl What do you have to say about Hina Khan’s behavior on the show? Let us know in the comments section below.