Whenever someone talks about a Hindu-Muslim marriage, a lot of people start raising questions and opposing. It’s been years since India got its independence, but till date citizens of this country are not free to make a decision of their choice. Especially, when it is about marriage, people still stick to the stereotypes and consider a Hindu Muslim marriage as wrong.

But today’s generation loves beyond boundaries, cultures and religion. Love is being taken seriously and the youth today has its own way of doing things. Now with this, we need to talk about a Hindu-Muslim couple who is breaking the internet with their No Nikaah, No Pheras wedding.

It is the story of Junaid Shaikh, a Muslim and Garima Joshi, who is a Hindu. The couple were dating for a long time and like every other Hindu Muslim couple they were unsure if their families will agree of their marriage. But a miracle happened for them and their families agreed to their relationship.

Junaid and Garima decided to have a unique wedding. Junaid said, “We’re not doing a nikah, we’re not doing pheras. We are just having a celebration. It’s a celebration of two cultures and two families.”

Their wedding video is out and it will really make you think with all your heart. We love how they took their love story to another level. Here is their wedding video:

Garima & Junaid

Its so unfortunate that even today Hindu-Muslim marriage is considered a Taboo in our country. We met Garima & Junaid last year and after meeting them we were so convinced that love is way beyond culture and religion. But what really made us fall even more for them was the fact they are NEITHER having PHERAS or NIKAH. In Junaid's words – "We are just having a celebration, a celebration of 2 cultures and 2 families spending the rest of their lives together :)" #shaikhitwithjosh

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We wish the couple all the happiness in life J

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