Hiten’s wife Gauri EXPLODES again! “Now, I don’t want Shilpa to….”

Hiten Tejwani’s eviction undeniably came as a major shock for all the viewers last week. Hiten himself was utterly shocked with his elimination. After all, he was one of the strongest contestants of the season and was being looked upon as one of the finalists. But Shilpa played a major game to clear her way to the finals by nominating Hiten and saving a comparatively weak contestant Priyank.

And this unexpected eviction has certainly not gone well with Hiten’s beloved wife, Gauri Pradhan and she is evidently still very pissed with Shilpa Shinde for her mean act. Before his eviction, Gauri was a supporter of Shilpa. In fact, she used to believe that if not Hiten then Shilpa would win this season!
But now, not at all! After Shilpa’s table turning act, Gauri has absolutely contrasting opinions! Recently, when the television actress was asked if she would like to see Shilpa win Bigg Boss, she had a stern NO as an answer. She will be extremely annoyed, frustrated, disappointed and furious with her if she ends up winning the show.

Earlier, Gauri had also blasted out on Shilpa for her unfair act in an interview and called her more dangerous than infamous Hina Khan. “I think one should be careful and stay away from such people. I do it that way. If I feel that a particular person is not the right person in my life and/or get negative vibes from him/her, I stay away from him/her. Hina was very vocal about her moves, and she does it openly without guilt and pretence. People like Shilpa are more dangerous than people like Hina.” She may not have said it in as many words but it was clear that Gauri had referred Shilpa as a “backstabber”.

Hiten too was surprised with Shilpa’s surprising move. “”I am shocked that Shilpa is the reason behind my eviction,” he had said.


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