Here is what Hiten’s wife Gauri has to say about his eviction from the Bigg Boss house

It is still difficult for all of us to believe that Hiten Tejwani is out of the Bigg Boss house. But that is how this game is, unpredictable! Well, all the regular followers of this show would agree with the fact that one can never predict what happens inside this house. Contestants keep flipping their personality and relationships inside the house and one really can’t figure out the reality behind all of it.

It was shocking as the housemates got to evict one contestant from the house yesterday. They were asked to send out one contestant out of Hiten and Priyank outside the house with majority votes. Eventually, it was Hiten Tejwani who got fewer votes and was sent out of the house. Hiten’s eviction came out to be really shocking as he was one of the most sensible contestants on the show.

This surprise eviction came as an opportunity for all other contestants to throw out one strong contestant from the show. This made the majority of contestants to vote out Hiten Tejwani. They quoted the reason to be his diplomatic nature. Shilpa, who voted against Hiten said that he was a strong competition in the game. Salman Khan, too was shocked on his eviction and appreciated his performance as he left the show.

Hiten’s wife Gauri Pradhan, who also visited him inside the house, a few days back is very porud of Hiten and his game inside the house. On his eviction, she tweeted, She tweeted, “Proud to be his wife!!??#BringBackHiten”

Hiten’s fans want him to come back in the house as they believe he is a much deserving contestant on the show. They are requesting the makers to bring Hiten back on the show with the petition #BringBackHiten on twitter. Let’s see if the makers do so!


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