I am sure, just like us, you too are super-excited about Holi! The festival of colours is here and is all set to drench us all in fervour of sweets, colours, dance and water. Unlike every usual festival, Holi has nothing to do with fancy clothes, matching accessories and make-up. But one thing that matters the most is, the quality of colours.


The market is abundantly stocked with chemical colours that are absolutely harsh and harmful on skin. So why not make 100% herbal and organic colours at home itself? Here we bring to you easy steps to prepare your own Holi favourite colours.

  1. Orange Colour: All you need to do is soak a few stalks of kesar aka Saffron in 2 tablespoons of water. Let it stay for some hours and then grind them to make a fine paste. Dilute the paste in desired amount of water. And your orange colour paste is ready, perfect to apply as a tilak on your loved ones’ forehead.
  2. Green: Henna is the ultimate rescue when it comes to green colour. Buy a pack of pure henna (without any other contents like amla) and mix equal quantity of suitable flour in it. This colour is perfect for a dry holi, as it easily gets brushed off and doesn’t leave any colour stains. But if mixed with water, the colour on skin may remain for long.

The other way to prepare home-made green colour is to dry and powder the green leaves of different variety, like, gulmohar tree leaves, spinach, coriander and mint.

  1. Yellow: The easiest and best one! Mix two teaspoons of turmeric in double the quantity of gramflour (besan) and your colour is ready. Both the ingredients are excellent for skin and are often used as exfoliating ‘ubtan’ by many. However, be cautious with quantity of turmeric. Excess of it can cause irritation.
  2. Pink: Make a liquid based pink colour with nothing other than beetroot. Soak the grated beetroot in 1 litre of water. Keep it overnight or boil for a dark magenta shade. Dilute it with water as per desired colour strength.

PS: Behave well, use good colours and enjoy every bit of this happy festival. Do not tease animals around, for they feel terrified and helpless. Wish you all a very happy holi!

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